The Art of Dramatic Writing Short Essay - Answer Key

Lajos Egri
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1. How does the author define premise? What is the importance of the premise?

A premise is detailed as being what a writer sets out to prove with his story, and it is of the utmost importance for one to be established. It is something that suggests character, conflict, and a conclusion. It will be a story's foundation, an essential the author believes any writer must figure out at some point in his story development in order to write a tale that will "show you the road."

2. Do all writers know their premise? What are the author's thoughts on this?

The author looks at some noteworthy plays to find their premises, and demonstrates that often enough, one can be found in a story. However, he questions whether the authors themselves knew about it, which would explain why in some stories there are certain events that stray from their premises. Therefore, the story may begin to feel confusing to the reader.

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