The Art of Dramatic Writing Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Lajos Egri
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1. Where was Lajos Egri born?


2. When was Lajos Egri born?


3. When did Lajos Egri die?


4. When did Lajos Egri come to the United States?


5. What was Lajos Egri's profession when he arrived in the United States?

Garment worker.

6. What expressionist play by Lajos Egri was translated from Hungarian and produced at the Provincetown Playhouse in New York in the 1920s?

"Rapid Transit".

7. What does Lajos Egri define as being what a writer sets out to prove with his story?

The premise.

8. According to the author, every sensible invention must have _____.

A purpose.

9. What must every planned sprint have, according to the author in Book I: The Premise?

A destination.

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