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Short Answer Questions

1. If the beloved wanted something unreasonable, what did the author advise to do?

2. How did the noblewoman imagine the two women might feel about being loved at the same time by a man?

3. What did the author say greedy women do to men?

4. What future awaits a woman who stays with a cheating man?

5. Why did the woman of higher nobility reprove the nobleman who was a member of the clergy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

List the twelve rules for acquiring love and provide a brief example of each.

Essay Topic 2

List and describe the five ways in which love can be acquired. Explain which three were identified as the only ways to truly achieve love and why two of them cannot produce love worthily.

Essay Topic 3

Called "terrible" and "dangerous," the author provided many warnings against fooling with love. List at least three examples each for how love is both dangerous and terrible. Provide a real-life example of each you listed.

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