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Short Answer Questions

1. Of the five ways to acquire love, what should wise lovers look for to attain a lasting love?

2. What did the author suggest that a middle class man always do in a conversation with a middle class woman?

3. If a middle class woman asked for the chance to think over the romantic advances of a nobleman, how was the nobleman to respond?

4. Before love becomes balanced on both sides, what did the author say happens to two people in love?

5. According to the author, upon what do lovers focus their attention?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the author advise women to do if their men are unfaithful, and why?

2. How did the author describe the way greedy women love, and what group did he suggest greedy women should join?

3. When the man and woman of higher nobility interact, what was the woman ready to do at any point during the conversation?

4. According to the dialogues, how best might a man of a lower social ranking win the favor of a woman of nobility?

5. Provide one example the author gave for why women are greedy and generally bad.

6. When the woman in Dialogue 8 reproved the man of the clergy for pursuing her romantically, for what reason did she do so?

7. How can love result in poverty?

8. What did the author describe being requested by Walter in the Preface?

9. What it is that woman can achieve through marriage that men cannot?

10. What three issues did the author identify as barring someone from the experience of real love?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author discusses at length the issue of physical beauty versus inner beauty. Discuss the kind of love and its lasting ability that results from seeking love based on physical beauty, and the same for inner beauty. What sorts of attributes create inner beauty? Which type of love is better? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Called "terrible" and "dangerous," the author provided many warnings against fooling with love. List at least three examples each for how love is both dangerous and terrible. Provide a real-life example of each you listed.

Essay Topic 3

In Book Two, the author reviewed decisions in love cases, many of which involved the Countess of Champagne. Select three of the cases decided by the Countess of Champagne and review her decisions. Are there similarities in her decisions? What are the greatest differences?

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