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Short Answer Questions

1. When a higher nobleman spoke to a middle class woman, how was he advised to begin the conversation?

2. If a nobleman wished to select a middle class woman, what was his best course of action to woo her?

3. In the four-stage theory of appropriate development of love, what is the first stage?

4. What did the author warn Walter not to be fooled by when looking for love?

5. What might a middle class woman have said to a nobleman about his social ranking if he had pursued her romantically?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the author describe the way greedy women love, and what group did he suggest greedy women should join?

2. When the man and woman of higher nobility interact, what was the woman ready to do at any point during the conversation?

3. How did the author explain the effects of love on the uncouth man?

4. What did the author describe as arising from the perception and focus on the beauty of another?

5. Give one example of how love can be decreased.

6. When the man in Dialogue 8 asks the woman if a man should be punished for going to another woman without loving her or achieving his desire, how did she respond?

7. What thoughts and actions did the author describe as the main focus of lovers?

8. What negative effects might love have upon warfare and peace?

9. What example did the author use to explain why love is innate?

10. Explain two ways in which a nobleman was advised to approach a middle class woman he wished to pursue romantically.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author discusses at length the issue of physical beauty versus inner beauty. Discuss the kind of love and its lasting ability that results from seeking love based on physical beauty, and the same for inner beauty. What sorts of attributes create inner beauty? Which type of love is better? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Review the thirty-one rules of love and select three that appeal to you. For each, briefly explain why this rule is important for love to flourish.

Essay Topic 3

The author states that everyone of sound mind can do the works of love unless disabled by age, blindness or excess passion. Provide an example of each of these barriers to attaining love and explain why they might prohibit someone from experiencing love.

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