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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when love starts to decline?
(a) Feelings of jealousy increase.
(b) It dies a slow death.
(c) It can end quickly.
(d) Blasphemy against God increases.

2. When the man of higher nobility spoke to a woman of higher nobility, what did the woman look for a chance to do?
(a) Flatter him.
(b) Ridicule him.
(c) Embrace him.
(d) Correct him.

3. What type of women who are hard to love did the author provide as an example to Walter?
(a) Women who were too greedy.
(b) Women who rejected God.
(c) Women who loved in a counterfeit way.
(d) Women who gave into carnal passion easily.

4. In the conversation between the higher nobleman and the higher noblewoman, while she remained deeply skeptical and expressed a lack of interest, what did the man do?
(a) He reminded her of his social ranking.
(b) He sought the love of another woman.
(c) He became more intense.
(d) He mirrored her emotions.

5. When the man of higher nobility spoke to a woman of higher nobility, what concerns about the nature of love did the woman express?
(a) Fears of loving and losing.
(b) Worries about men being unfaithful.
(c) Fears about the costs and torment of love.
(d) Worries about love not being returned.

Short Answer Questions

1. The author encouraged Walter to find a woman who would love him regardless of what?

2. When a man and a woman, both of higher nobility interacted, how did the author advise the man to speak to the woman?

3. What did the author refer to as "the nurse of love"?

4. What does blasphemy against God do to love?

5. In Chapter 8, the story of the Briton, the gauntlet and the rules of love written by the King of Love concerned how many rules?

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