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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the author say of the love of prostitutes?
(a) It should be a man's personal choice.
(b) It should be enjoyed without shame.
(c) It should be a last resort.
(d) It should be absolutely resisted.

2. What did the author advise a woman to do when she has loved a man who was unworthy of her?
(a) Realize her mistake and end things quickly.
(b) Lower her own standards and embrace love.
(c) Improve him or give up.
(d) Seek the counsel of the clergy for direction.

3. In the author's reviews of decisions in love cases, what was the reason in the second case that a man asked his lover if he could embrace another woman?
(a) He was testing his lover.
(b) He was punishing his lover cruelly.
(c) He was in love with another woman.
(d) He was jealous of his lover.

4. How should a lover behave toward the beloved to retain love?
(a) With restraint.
(b) With unrestrained passion.
(c) With great affection.
(d) With detachment.

5. A member of the most noble class was called what?
(a) Regency.
(b) Clerk.
(c) Highness.
(d) Master.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the author wrote about how to behave when one fell in love with a peasant, what is it believed that he was suggesting?

2. What did the author write that all involved in courtly love should avoid?

3. According to the author, what effect did leaving the Catholic Church have on lovers?

4. The author encouraged Walter to find a woman who would love him regardless of what?

5. How did the author explain the concept of teaching the theory of love to a social class likened to horses and mules?

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