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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What fear about endangering herself would a noblewoman have shared with a nobleman who was pursuing her romantically?
(a) Giving into the power of the goddess of love.
(b) Belittling her nobility.
(c) Becoming careless and silly because of love.
(d) Tarnishing her reputation.

2. How did the author explain the connection between love and greed?
(a) Love is essentially a form of greed.
(b) Love cannot be degraded by greed.
(c) Love is destroyed by greed.
(d) Love eliminates greed.

3. According to the author, upon what do lovers focus their attention?
(a) Having physical contact with those they love.
(b) Speaking words of love to those they love.
(c) Bringing about the enjoyment of those they love.
(d) Catching a glimpse of those they love.

4. Of the author's five ways in which love can be acquired, which three produce the most worthy forms of love?
(a) Beauty, kindness and generosity toward expressed needs.
(b) Riches, beauty and good character.
(c) Beauty, good character and ready speech.
(d) Ready speech, riches and good character.

5. If a nobleman wished to select a middle class woman, what was his best course of action to woo her?
(a) Small gifts.
(b) Special speech.
(c) Loving gazes.
(d) Acts of love.

Short Answer Questions

1. How might a man of the middle class convince a woman of nobility that they should enter into a romantic relationship?

2. How did the author explain the link between love, perception and social class?

3. When a middle class man approaches a very wise noblewoman, how must he behave?

4. When a woman of high nobility accepted the romantic advances of a lower class man, she runs the risk of the public thinking that she did so only for what reason?

5. Among the author's twelve rules for acquiring love, what did he have to say about two lovers' levels of desire?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did the author state that nuns must fiercely avoid love?

2. Give one example of why the author described greedy women as "deadly enemies".

3. Explain two ways in which a nobleman was advised to approach a middle class woman he wished to pursue romantically.

4. When the man in Dialogue 8 asks the woman if a man should be punished for going to another woman without loving her or achieving his desire, how did she respond?

5. What did the author describe being requested by Walter in the Preface?

6. Provide one example the author gave for why women are greedy and generally bad.

7. What are the five ways in which the author explains that love can be acquired, and which three are the only ways to truly achieve love?

8. How did the author describe the feelings associated with love before it becomes balanced on each side?

9. In what ways may love increase after it has been consummated?

10. Provide one of the 31 rules of love provided at the end of Chapter 8.

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