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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The nobleman explained to the noblewoman he pursued that the real danger she should fear lay in what?
(a) Not following her heart.
(b) Tarnishing her reputation.
(c) Being trapped in love with another.
(d) Missing the chance to know true love with him.

2. After the middle class woman's initial reaction in the conversation, how did the author instruct the middle class man to respond?
(a) With more gentle leading.
(b) With another joke or funny story.
(c) With insistant words of praise.
(d) With a bit more kind-hearted teasing.

3. During a conversation between a nobleman and a noblewoman, what was she to give permission for him to do?
(a) Touch her hand.
(b) Sit beside her.
(c) Look her in the face.
(d) Speak to her about love.

4. According to the author, what is the only way that a lover can accept something of value from the beloved?
(a) If the giver is in love, as well.
(b) If it is given freely.
(c) If it was painful for the giver to give.
(d) Only if it caused the giver great joy.

5. Of what other danger did the nobleman warn the noblewoman?
(a) Choosing the wrong man.
(b) Losing her nobility.
(c) Never loving at all.
(d) Never having children.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the author, about what do people in love think continually?

2. How did the author explain the effects of love on the uncouth man?

3. How did the author explain the link between love, perception and social class?

4. Among the author's twelve rules for acquiring love, what did he have to say about private versus public relationships?

5. What is the meaning of the word from which "love" is derived?

Short Essay Questions

1. What effects might love have upon the needs for food, drink and sleep?

2. What did the author describe as arising from the perception and focus on the beauty of another?

3. Explain the difference in the way a woman of a lower class and a woman of a higher class might have rebuffed a man's romantic advances.

4. Explain how the noblewoman would have argued with the nobleman about her fears about love and endangering her, and how the nobleman would have reacted.

5. What three issues did the author identify as barring someone from the experience of real love?

6. In what ways may love increase after it has been consummated?

7. In the Preface, explain the request that the author's friend made of him that led him to write the book.

8. What it is that woman can achieve through marriage that men cannot?

9. What type of woman did the author encourage Walter to find?

10. As the man and woman in Dialogue 8 interacted, he asked her if a man could love two women in the courtly fashion. What was her response?

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