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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author cautioned that a man of low social standing approaching a woman of nobility unless the man be of what?
(a) Steel.
(b) Good character.
(c) Bravery.
(d) Foolishness.

2. In the four-stage theory of appropriate development of love, to what age group does a woman's ideal man belong?
(a) Middle-aged.
(b) Her own age group.
(c) Young.
(d) At least twice her age.

3. During a conversation between a nobleman and a noblewoman, what was she to give permission for him to do?
(a) Look her in the face.
(b) Speak to her about love.
(c) Touch her hand.
(d) Sit beside her.

4. Among the author's twelve rules for acquiring love, what did he have to say about how to deal with a current love affair?
(a) Meddling in a current affair should only be done once in a man's life.
(b) Never break one up knowingly.
(c) Break one up by acting quickly to lessen the sting.
(d) Break one up only by speaking with kindness to both parties.

5. Among the author's twelve rules for acquiring love, what did he have to say about avarice, or love of wealth?
(a) Avoid it.
(b) Cherish it.
(c) Accept it.
(d) Seek it out.

Short Answer Questions

1. If a nobleman effectively offered the correct praise to a noblewoman, what might she have permitted him to do daily?

2. In the four-stage theory of appropriate development of love, what is the second stage?

3. When a nobleman approached a noblewoman and began a conversation appropriately, what was the nobleman to tell the noblewoman it was difficult to restrain himself from doing?

4. When a middle class man approaches a very wise noblewoman, how must he behave?

5. How did the author explain the effects of excess passion on love?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the author advise women to do if their men are unfaithful, and why?

2. Explain why the Countess replied in her letter to the man of higher nobility that love cannot exist between two people who are married.

3. Give one example of why the author described greedy women as "deadly enemies".

4. Why did the author state that women who give into carnal passion easily are difficult to love?

5. Explain two ways in which a nobleman was advised to approach a middle class woman he wished to pursue romantically.

6. Why did the author believe that women could not bind themselves to lovers in mutual love as men can?

7. What effects might love have upon the needs for food, drink and sleep?

8. Though the noblewoman would have argued that love might endanger her, what would the nobleman have identified as the true dangers of love.

9. How can issues of faith and religion destroy love?

10. In the Preface, explain the request that the author's friend made of him that led him to write the book.

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