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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the author identify as a sure way to decrease love?
(a) Developing feelings of jealousy.
(b) Seeing each other too rarely.
(c) Being together too much.
(d) Expressing anger.

2. When the higher noblewoman made an accusation about the man's interest in love, how did he respond?
(a) Amusement.
(b) Denial.
(c) Anger.
(d) Frustration.

3. What did the author explain as a negative effect of marriage?
(a) It prevents people from loving each other.
(b) It makes communication stop.
(c) It causes people to become resentful.
(d) It puts an end to courtly love.

4. What did the author think greedy women should do?
(a) Join a brothel.
(b) Seek the love of a poor man.
(c) Find a man equally as greedy to love.
(d) Repent.

5. What did the author refer to as "the nurse of love"?
(a) Anger.
(b) Desire.
(c) Jealousy.
(d) Distance.

6. When the man of higher nobility spoke to a woman of higher nobility, what did the woman encourage the man to seek?
(a) Something higher than love between a man and a woman.
(b) Acceptance of himself before he looks for love.
(c) The approval of men before the approval of women.
(d) The love of a woman of a lower class.

7. When the man of higher nobility spoke to a woman of higher nobility, what did the woman look for a chance to do?
(a) Correct him.
(b) Flatter him.
(c) Embrace him.
(d) Ridicule him.

8. What did the author say of the love of prostitutes?
(a) It should be a man's personal choice.
(b) It should be a last resort.
(c) It should be enjoyed without shame.
(d) It should be absolutely resisted.

9. In the conversation between the higher nobleman and the higher noblewoman, while she remained deeply skeptical and expressed a lack of interest, what did the man do?
(a) He mirrored her emotions.
(b) He became more intense.
(c) He sought the love of another woman.
(d) He reminded her of his social ranking.

10. What was a member of the most noble class bound to renounce?
(a) Delights of the earth.
(b) Love.
(c) God.
(d) Status and wealth.

11. What future awaits a woman who stays with a cheating man?
(a) Endless worry.
(b) Increased passion.
(c) Stronger trust and commitment.
(d) A sure end to her love.

12. What happens to desire if one lover expresses anger toward the other?
(a) It decreases.
(b) It increases.
(c) It stays the same.
(d) It matures.

13. What did the author advise a woman to do if her man was unfaithful?
(a) Improve herself to make him stay.
(b) Abandon him.
(c) Even the score by being unfaithful.
(d) Express her anger so that love will increase.

14. Up until the beginning of Chapters 7-12, which class, often considered the most noble, was unmentioned?
(a) The clergy.
(b) The Royal Family.
(c) The serfs.
(d) The nobility.

15. What is one way a man might lose love?
(a) Acting too noble.
(b) Becoming jealous.
(c) Becoming angry.
(d) Appearing uncultured.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what way did the author explain that a certain class was akin to horses and mules?

2. In the author's reviews of decisions in love cases, what was the reason in the second case that a man asked his lover if he could embrace another woman?

3. If the beloved wanted something unreasonable, what did the author advise to do?

4. What did the author consider greedy women to be?

5. Which of the two lovers, if any, did the higher noblewoman think a man should give up?

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