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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How would a noblewoman respond to compliments from a nobleman?
(a) She would be embarrassed but flattered.
(b) She would rebuff him.
(c) She would be appreciative.
(d) She would feel offended.

2. According to the author, upon what do lovers focus their attention?
(a) Catching a glimpse of those they love.
(b) Bringing about the enjoyment of those they love.
(c) Speaking words of love to those they love.
(d) Having physical contact with those they love.

3. Which way of acquiring love does so with little effort?
(a) Ready speech.
(b) Beauty.
(c) Good character.
(d) Riches.

4. Before love becomes balanced on both sides, what did the author say happens to two people in love?
(a) No passion is purer than theirs.
(b) They experience the greatest anticipation of their lives.
(c) No suffering is greater than theirs.
(d) Their feelings change from lust to a sacred love.

5. When a middle class man initiates a conversation with a woman of higher nobility, how was he advised to handle the issue of his own lower social standing?
(a) He should ignore it.
(b) He should hide the truth from her.
(c) He should acknowledge it.
(d) He should never discuss social ranking with her at all.

6. When the middle class man decided to suggest a relationship with the middle class woman, how did he proceed?
(a) By begging for her attention and the chance to know her better.
(b) By informing her that she would be wise to engage in a relationship with him.
(c) By pointing out how much more noble she is than he.
(d) By asking her if she found him agreeable.

7. Should a middle class man approach a very wise noblewoman, what is the risk he takes in conducting himself poorly?
(a) Embarrassing himself.
(b) Appearing foolish.
(c) Being offensive.
(d) Boring her.

8. In the four-stage theory of appropriate development of love, what is the second stage?
(a) Whole person.
(b) Kiss.
(c) Embrace.
(d) Hope.

9. Among the author's twelve rules for acquiring love, what did he have to say about how to deal with a current love affair?
(a) Meddling in a current affair should only be done once in a man's life.
(b) Break one up by acting quickly to lessen the sting.
(c) Break one up only by speaking with kindness to both parties.
(d) Never break one up knowingly.

10. In the four-stage theory of appropriate development of love, to what age group does a woman's ideal man belong?
(a) Young.
(b) Middle-aged.
(c) At least twice her age.
(d) Her own age group.

11. How did the author explain the connection between blindness and love?
(a) The blind cannot see anything on which the mind can become obsessed.
(b) The eyes of the soul see all that needs to be seen.
(c) Blind people love better than those with sight because they use all of their senses.
(d) Blind people fall in love too often because they cannot determine true beauty.

12. According to the author, how does love feel about homosexuality?
(a) Love is ashamed to accept it.
(b) Love embraces it.
(c) Love is replaced by lust in homosexuality.
(d) Love withers in homosexuality.

13. What did the author describe as the result of focusing on the beauty of another?
(a) Innate suffering.
(b) Lustful thoughts.
(c) Pure passion.
(d) Harmony.

14. Because a man will see his ideal woman, lust after her and make plans to woo her, how did the author explain love's origins?
(a) It is a figment of the imagination.
(b) It come directly from God when the moment is right.
(c) It is innate to humans.
(d) It develops only when a connection is there.

15. The nobleman explained to the noblewoman he pursued that the real danger she should fear lay in what?
(a) Tarnishing her reputation.
(b) Being trapped in love with another.
(c) Not following her heart.
(d) Missing the chance to know true love with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the author in the Preface, what was his reason for writing the book?

2. When a higher nobleman spoke to a middle class woman, how was he advised to begin the conversation?

3. For a nobleman whose advances are being rebuffed by a middle class woman, what must he argue to her?

4. If a nobleman wished to select a middle class woman, what was his best course of action to woo her?

5. Of what other danger did the nobleman warn the noblewoman?

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