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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two, How Love May Be Retained, Chapters 1-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Walter?
(a) A good friend of the author.
(b) A nobleman who never knew true love.
(c) The author's real name.
(d) A blind man who could not love because he could not see.

2. Of what other danger did the nobleman warn the noblewoman?
(a) Never loving at all.
(b) Choosing the wrong man.
(c) Losing her nobility.
(d) Never having children.

3. For the group advised to fiercely avoid love, what was one who sought their love considered to be?
(a) A sinner.
(b) A beast.
(c) A harlot.
(d) A hypocrite.

4. If the beloved wanted something unreasonable, what did the author advise to do?
(a) Lovingly tease her about her foolishness do not give in.
(b) Give it to her.
(c) Be abrupt and clear and refuse to give it to her.
(d) Use it as a tool to acquire more affection.

5. For a nobleman whose advances are being rebuffed by a middle class woman, what must he argue to her?
(a) That she may be low born, but she deserves to be treated as upper class.
(b) That she is more beautiful and kind than any woman in his class.
(c) The importance of his social ranking.
(d) The goodness of his character.

Short Answer Questions

1. When a man of higher nobility spoke to a woman of higher nobility, what type of flattery did the man use with the woman?

2. In the author's reviews of decisions in love cases, what was the reason in the second case that a man asked his lover if he could embrace another woman?

3. Why were members of the most noble rank advised to consult the dialogues in the book?

4. When a man and a woman, both of higher nobility interacted, how did the author advise the man to speak to the woman?

5. According to the author, what does love cause a person to seek above all other things?

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