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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book One, Introduction to the Treatise on Love, Chapter 6, Dialogues 4-7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a woman of high nobility accepted the romantic advances of a lower class man, she runs the risk of the public thinking that she did so only for what reason?
(a) Cruelty.
(b) Adventure.
(c) Passion.
(d) Weakness.

2. If a middle class woman was being pursued by a nobleman, what might she say to rebuff his advances?
(a) That she should wait for a middle class man of good character.
(b) That she was not worthy of his attention.
(c) That he should find a suitable woman from his own class.
(d) That she suspected he was not good enough, even for her.

3. In the four-stage theory of appropriate development of love, what is the second stage?
(a) Embrace.
(b) Whole person.
(c) Kiss.
(d) Hope.

4. When the noblewoman expressed her fear about endangering herself, how would the nobleman be expected to respond?
(a) With mock annoyance.
(b) With humble apology.
(c) With contempt.
(d) With concern.

5. In wooing a woman of higher social ranking, how might the middle class man best win her attention?
(a) He should tell her that love transcends social class.
(b) He should avoid the issue of social class and focus only on flattering her with praise.
(c) He should pretend to be of a higher class until she gets to know him.
(d) He should acknowledge that he is undeserving of her and beg for her favor.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the middle class man successfully performed what the author suggested he should do in every conversation with a middle class woman, how did the woman respond?

2. In the dialogue between the nobleman and the noblewoman, how was the nobleman advised to respond when the noblewoman admitted that enjoying love was great and rejecting it was harmful, and though she was afraid of love's burdens, she had an interest in it?

3. How did the author approach the topic of homosexuality?

4. When a middle class man approaches a very wise noblewoman, how must he behave?

5. Among the author's twelve rules for acquiring love, what did he have to say about two lovers' levels of desire?

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