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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two, How Love May Be Retained, Chapters 1-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to desire if one lover expresses anger toward the other?
(a) It increases.
(b) It stays the same.
(c) It decreases.
(d) It matures.

2. In wooing a woman of higher social ranking, how might the middle class man best win her attention?
(a) He should tell her that love transcends social class.
(b) He should avoid the issue of social class and focus only on flattering her with praise.
(c) He should pretend to be of a higher class until she gets to know him.
(d) He should acknowledge that he is undeserving of her and beg for her favor.

3. When a middle class man initiates a conversation with a woman of higher nobility, how was he advised to handle the issue of his own lower social standing?
(a) He should hide the truth from her.
(b) He should never discuss social ranking with her at all.
(c) He should ignore it.
(d) He should acknowledge it.

4. What did the author suggest that a middle class man always do in a conversation with a middle class woman?
(a) Lead her.
(b) Amaze her.
(c) Flatter her.
(d) Amuse her.

5. When the middle class man decided to suggest a relationship with the middle class woman, how did he proceed?
(a) By asking her if she found him agreeable.
(b) By pointing out how much more noble she is than he.
(c) By begging for her attention and the chance to know her better.
(d) By informing her that she would be wise to engage in a relationship with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the middle class man approached the woman of higher nobility and she told him finally that he had no reason to hope, how was he to respond?

2. When a man of higher nobility spoke to a woman of higher nobility, what argument did they have about love?

3. Which of the two lovers, if any, did the higher noblewoman think a man should give up?

4. When a woman of high nobility accepted the romantic advances of a lower class man, she runs the risk of the public thinking that she did so only for what reason?

5. In the author's reviews of decisions in love cases, what was the outcome of the case in which a lady forbade a man to love another and enforced a very severe punishment?

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