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Twelfth Century France - The setting of "The Art of Courtly Love".

Countess Marie's Court - Capellanus was the chaplain for this venue.

Courtly Love - The practice of developing a deeply romantic, but non-sexual bond between a man and a woman.

Marriage - Most of these were arranged at the time of the book's greatest popularity and this may have given rise to the practice of courtly love.

Social Class - A determining factor that was carefully negotiated as part of the practice of courtly love.

The Rules of Love - One of the most enduring and popular elements in "The Art of Courtly Love" and is found in Book Two.

Good Reasons to Love - Capellanus insisted that courtly love is based upon these, and character is among them.

Bad Reasons to Love - These are not rooted in an enduring and admirable feature...

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