The Art of Courtly Love Character Descriptions

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Andreas Capellanus - Known as "chaplain of the royal court", this person believed that spirituality and the needs of the Church should always come before courtly love.

Walter - A youth of high nobility to whom "The Art of Courtly Love" was written.

The Countess of Champagne - An arbitrator over disputes concerning the practice of courtly love.

The Middle-Class Man - This person is deserving of love from others that are similar, but must prove very deserving of receiving love from those considered better.

The Middle-Class Woman - This person may turn away the advances of a suitor of any social rank, but is best matched to someone of higher rank.

The Simple Nobleman - This person has equal access to romantic partners of lower classes, but must approach a higher ranking individual with care.

The Simple Noblewoman - This individual scorns the romantic advances...

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