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Mid-Book Test - Medium

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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What favor has Mailer recently done for Goodman?
(a) He praised him on the Dick Cavett Show.
(b) He recommended him for a Times op-ed.
(c) He became Goodman's son's godfather.
(d) He wrote a blurb for his book.

2. Whose "dwarf alter ego" did Mailer claim to be at the Ambassador speech, according to Macdonald in Chapter 3?
(a) Ben Franklin's.
(b) Abbie Hoffman's.
(c) Lyndon Johnson's.
(d) William Burroughs'.

3. Who is entertaining the audience when the speakers arrive?
(a) A folk music group.
(b) An improv group.
(c) A troup of mimes.
(d) A poet.

4. What is significant about the way Lowell recites his poetry in Chapter 6?
(a) He speaks incredibly quietly.
(b) He pauses for minutes at a time.
(c) He affects a British accent.
(d) He does not use notes.

5. What word does Mailer use repeatedly in Chapter 1 to describe the effect of the Pentagon March?
(a) Disappointing.
(b) Ambiguous.
(c) Subtle.
(d) Galvanizing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is William Sloane Coffin?

2. To what does Mailer compare his hangover in Chapter 2?

3. Where do Lowell, Mailer, and Macdonald go after the card return in Chapter 4?

4. In Chapter 1, what does Mailer claim the young generation hates more than anything else?

5. According to Mailer in Chapter 3, how did Robert Lowell avoid fighting in World War II?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Norman Mailer as a character.

2. Why is Dwight Macdonald livid about the newspaper coverage of the Ambassador event in Chapter 3?

3. Why does Mailer state he does not have a good instinct for speeches at protests?

4. How does Mailer fair in court in Chapter 9?

5. How do Ed de Grazia and Mailer scuffle in Chapter 5?

6. How do the soldiers and police in Chapter 8 make arrests and justify beatings?

7. What train of people following the the march in Chapter 4?

8. How does Mailer respond to William Sloane Coffin in Chapter 3?

9. What amusing interchange happens between Mailer and Lowell in this section?

10. What permits does the Mobilization Committee get in Chapter 4?

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