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Short Answer Questions

1. The yags can see ________.

2. What happens to the yags when Doyle jumps into a tree?

3. What body is Dog Face Joe in when he dies?

4. What is guarding the door to the Master's building?

5. How much does Romanelli weigh after chasing Doyle back to London?

Short Essay Questions

1. Doyle wakes up in a strange place after being chloroformed by Romanelli. What is going on around him?

2. What does Romany discover when he tries to trace where Doyle and the others from the 20th century came from?

3. How is Doyle able to retaliate against the Master's magic attacks?

4. Why is Doyle so calm while Romany and Romanelli have him captured?

5. How does Doyle meet his Mameluke friend?

6. What does Damnable Richard do when Romany orders their captive killed?

7. What does Doyle do to awaken Lord Byron?

8. What is Darrow and Dog Face Joe's arrangement?

9. Romanelli contacts the Master after he fails to contact Romany. What does the Master tell him to do?

10. What preparations has Doyle made in anticipation of his death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What symbols are found in the book? What importance do they have? Describe how the use of symbols enhances the story.

Essay Topic 2

In ancient Greek theater, there was a protagonist and an antagonist, but also a deuteragonist and a tritagonist. The deiteragonist was the second main character with less importance than the protagonist. The tritagonist was the third main character, less important than the protagonist and the deiteragonist. Select a character to fit each category, using examples to explain why each one fits.

Essay Topic 3

Can Darrow be defined as an antagonist or a protagonist? How did his meddling in 1810 effect Doyle? What is the main purpose of his character in the plot?

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