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Short Answer Questions

1. What excuse does Lord Byron use to leave the pub?

2. What is John Murray's profession?

3. What does Jacky plan to do after talking to Ashbless?

4. Romany brainwashes which character?

5. What does Romany use to communicate with the Master and with Romanelli?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Romany discover when he tries to trace where Doyle and the others from the 20th century came from?

2. Who comes for Doyle when he is with the Lord Byron ka in their hotel room?

3. Why does Doyle hesitate before escaping with the first two members of the Antaeus Brotherhood from the burning building in 1684?

4. When Doyle is with the Antaeus Brotherhood in their headquarters in 1684, what does he do to signal his 1810 self?

5. Why is Doyle so calm while Romany and Romanelli have him captured?

6. What does the Master promise he'll do for Doyle?

7. How does Doyle meet his Mameluke friend?

8. Doyle wakes up in a strange place after being chloroformed by Romanelli. What is going on around him?

9. What is the opium-drugged Coleridge's role in the climax in the underground tunnels of Rat Castle?

10. What becomes of Chinnie's body?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Is Teobaldo or Horrabin a more frightening beggar lord? Which one would be the best to work under? Describe what makes each one most effective. Describe what makes each one more formidable.

Essay Topic 2

Some of the antagonists in this book of capable of doing horrible things to other characters. What actions define them as antagonists? Is their behavior a result of their past? Are they to blame for their actions or are others pulling the strings? Please cite your examples.

Essay Topic 3

Define the main conflict of The Anubis Gate: man vs. man, man vs. machine/technology, man vs. nature, man vs. self, man vs. society, man vs. supernatural, and man vs. destiny. Cite scenes to reinforce your choice, explaining what makes it central to the plot.

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