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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the poet Doyle is researching for a new biography?

2. In what city do Fikee and Romanelli receive their orders?

3. Who does Doyle discover whistling the song he recognizes?

4. Who grabs Doyle's leg before Bugs can lead Doyle away?

5. Doyle stays in a hotel after he is fired from the inn, where ________ is supposed to be staying.

Short Essay Questions

1. Doyle is watching Lord Byron drinking in a pub when he wakes up in very different circumstances. Describe what has happened to him.

2. How does Jacky react to Doyle's revelation that he traveled to England by magic?

3. What do Romanelli, Romany, and Horrabin do with the sick Lord Byron Romanelli is caring for?

4. Who says, "We'll write you a role, and then depending on what ... sacrifices you're willing to make, you can earn up to a pound a day," and what does the character mean?

5. What happens after Doyle pays a beggar to take him to Horrabin?

6. What happens when Doyle is shot?

7. What happens to Fairchild when Doyle first arrives at the beggar's house?

8. How does Jacky end up at the river where Doyle is being pursued?

9. Describe the Master.

10. Dumb Tom is successfully begging outside a theater. What interrupts him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What can be learned from the sorcerers in the book? Are they a cautionary tale? Is their sorcery a metaphor for anything? Describe what they all had in common.

Essay Topic 2

Compare Horrabin's and Copenhagen Jack's leadership skills. Which beggar king is a more effective leader? Who is more respected? Who is more obeyed? Cite your examples.

Essay Topic 3

Jacky helps Doyle before she officially meets him. Why does she protect him instead of claiming a reward? Do any other characters mirror her behavior? Describe Jacky's ethics. Cite examples.

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