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Short Answer Questions

1. What year are Doyle, Benner, and Darrow trying to travel to?

2. What is Elizabeth Tichy's missing fiancé's name?

3. Who does Doyle meet after he loses his products as a costermonger?

4. Who grabs Doyle's leg before Bugs can lead Doyle away?

5. What does Doyle try to sell at the fish market in Billingsgate?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Jacky.

2. Describe Horrabin.

3. Describe the Master.

4. What happens when Doyle is shot?

5. How does Doyle leave the gypsy camp?

6. What happens to Fairchild when Doyle first arrives at the beggar's house?

7. What do Romanelli, Romany, and Horrabin do with the sick Lord Byron Romanelli is caring for?

8. Doyle is watching Lord Byron drinking in a pub when he wakes up in very different circumstances. Describe what has happened to him.

9. Describe Skate Benjamin.

10. Dumb Tom is successfully begging outside a theater. What interrupts him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Doyle saves the ka of Lord Byron's life. He later discovers that the man he saved is not the true Lord Byron. Does Doyle value the life of kas as much as the life of the original person? If Doyle knew that Byron is a ka would he still save him? What actions of Doyle's lead to you think he would or would not?

Essay Topic 2

In ancient Greek theater, there was a protagonist and an antagonist, but also a deuteragonist and a tritagonist. The deiteragonist was the second main character with less importance than the protagonist. The tritagonist was the third main character, less important than the protagonist and the deiteragonist. Select a character to fit each category, using examples to explain why each one fits.

Essay Topic 3

Doyle is swapped into a new body. Is he still the same Doyle, or does having a different body change Doyle? Support your position by reviewing his actions before and after the change.

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