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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do Fikee and Romany work for?
(a) Nostrand.
(b) The Master.
(c) Benner.
(d) Darrow.

2. What charges Benner and Doyle in the restaurant?
(a) Beggar.
(b) Lord Byron.
(c) Dog Face Joe.
(d) Ape.

3. Who does Doyle discover whistling the song he recognizes?
(a) Dog Face Joe.
(b) The Luck of the Surrey-side beggars.
(c) Benner.
(d) Darrow.

4. What was Romany using in the woods?
(a) A sextant.
(b) The Book of Thoth.
(c) A lantern.
(d) Ether.

5. When the time tourists arrive at the lecture they discover it is ___________.
(a) Canceled.
(b) Full.
(c) Scheduled a different day.
(d) Twenty minutes over.

6. Who is Rebecca?
(a) A flight attendant.
(b) Fikee's wife.
(c) Darrow's assistant.
(d) Doyle's wife.

7. Horrabin sits in a unique contraption. What is it?
(a) Harness.
(b) Throne.
(c) High chair.
(d) Cart.

8. What did Horrabin and his men do to Dumb Tom outside the theater where he was begging?
(a) Rob him.
(b) Rescue him.
(c) Expose him as a fraud.
(d) Stab him.

9. Who is the first character introduced in the book?
(a) Fikee.
(b) Doyle.
(c) Romany.
(d) Darrow.

10. What is the beggar known as Bugs trying to sell?
(a) Nothing, he's begging.
(b) Bugs.
(c) Beer.
(d) Peppermints.

11. What does Doyle buckle to his neck?
(a) Cigar from 1983.
(b) Pistol.
(c) Vial.
(d) Rebecca's picture.

12. What is Dungy's real name?
(a) Fikee.
(b) Carrington.
(c) Damnable Richard.
(d) Teobaldo.

13. Who is the first to shoot at Doyle in the water?
(a) Horrabin.
(b) Romany.
(c) Dog Face Joe.
(d) Jacky.

14. What wooden carving does Damnable Richard talk to?
(a) Wolf.
(b) Dolphin.
(c) Snake.
(d) Monkey.

15. What is Romany's honorary chair?
(a) Harness.
(b) Shelf.
(c) Throne.
(d) High chair.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Romany do to mask Doyle's cry for help?

2. What is it rumored in 1983, that Darrow has?

3. What is the first time-specific thing Doyle sees after the time jump?

4. Doyle stays in a hotel after he is fired from the inn, where ________ is supposed to be staying.

5. While Doyle's health is declining at the inn, he determines to confront ________ alone.

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