The Anubis Gates Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is unique about Romany?

Romany's shoes are spring-soled. He is also a ka, or a copy of Romanelli. The Master created him to assist Fikee.

2. What happens to Fikee after the experiment?

Fikee is huddled and sobbing in the tent. He catches fire, rolls on the ground, and then howls at the moon. Romany shoots him. He falls down, gets back up and disappears.

3. Describe the Master.

The Master is an old sorcerer. His eyes and legs are shriveled from a spell he cast. He worships Egyptian gods and plots against the English in Egypt. He orders Fikee to summon Anubis with a spell, so the gates of Anubis can release the Egyptian gods.

4. What sort of questions does Darrow ask Doyle during Doyle's interview?

Darrow asks Doyle specific questions about Coleridge's life. He asks if he can fib an answer. He asks him if he could consider something he knows is impossible, as possible.

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