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Lesson 1 (from Prologue and Chapter 1)


Darrow asks Doyle if he would listen to someone who says that something Doyle knows to be impossible, is possible. When told that time has holes through which people can travel, Doyle believes Darrow has lost his rationality, and almost leaves. After more convincing Doyle considers the possibility. This lesson will question Doyle's willingness to believe Darrow.


1. Class Discussion: When Darrow first mentions holes in time, Doyle thinks that Darrow is crazy. At that moment both men know they are right. Both are convinced that they know the truth. Discuss if Doyle's reconsideration of Darrow's theory is unwise. What changes Doyle's mind? What does this interaction reveal about Darrow's character? From what we know of Darrow from described public rumors and from his interactions with Doyle, is he a trustworthy character? What should Doyle believe from Darrow? Does anything that Doyle knows of Darrow, predispose...

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