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Ashbless Poetry

In the spirit of William Ashbless, write a free verse poem relevant to the plot of the book or the experiences of Ashbless.

Time Traveler Skit

Prepare a skit between a time traveler and a famous historical figure, accentuating the difference of speech, customs, and technology.

Puppet Show

Create a Punch and Judy puppet show as the clown Horrabin did.

Period Costume Portfolio

Create a portfolio of the different fashions of the London eras Doyle visits in 1983, 1810, and 1684.

Time Tourist

Imagine you are in Darrow's time travel tour. Describe yourself as a character and create a character sketch specifying your motivations for going, and what you would most like to see.

Beggar Names

Some of the beggars have colorful names. Invent some of your own.

Character Catchphrase

Write phrases spoken by various characters on papers. Draw papers blindly and guess which character says the phrase.

Lyric Writing

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