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Essay Topic 1

Fikee and Dr. Romanelli are the master's best lieutenants. When confronted with the option of leaving him, both are afraid to do so. Are their wants the same as the Master's? Are they plotting with him to fulfill their own desires for a free Egypt? Or are they simply taking orders? Do Fikee and Romanelli want different things? Define each one's relationship with the Master, specifying their actions as evidence of your conclusion.

Essay Topic 2

Doyle is a widower. Do you think he is more or less likely to believe in time travel because of his tragedy? Cite examples of how his tragedy affects his journey in time. Is he less likely to accept Darrow's job offer if his wife is living? How does the information about his past affect your view of his character in the beginning of the book? Is Doyle always defined by...

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