The Anubis Gates Character Descriptions

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Brendan Doyle

This character has written a comprehensive account of the life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Doctor Romanelli

This character is from Turkey and is a servant of the Master.

Doctor Romany

This character is the ka of another character. This character wears spring soled shoes.


This character is the king of beggars.


This character is disguised as a beggar boy.

J. Cochran Darrow

This character is the founder of DIRE.

Steerforth Benner

This character is a guard of the original team traveling back to 1810.

Amenophis Fikee

This servant of the Master created Dog Face Joe.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

This character is a poet and author living in 1810.

William Ashbless

This character is an author of 1810, and the study of another character's current book.

Lord Byron

This character is a brainwashed ka.

Owen Burghard

This character is in charge of the Antaeus Brotherhood in 1684.



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