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Prologue and Chapter 1

• In 1802, Fikee performs a spell that turns him into a body-shifting werewolf.
• Darrow hires Brendan Doyle as an expert of Coleridge on a venture through time.
• Darrow takes Doyle, Benner, and several high paying tourists through a window in time to England in 1810.

Chapter 2 And Chapter 3

• Romany kidnaps Doyle from a Coleridge lecture.
• Doyle escapes, falls into a river, and is rescued by costmongers.
• Horrabin tries to recruit Doyle as a beggar.

Chapter 4

• Romany orders Horrabin and his beggars to find Doyle.

• Skate Benjamin stops Doyle from joining Horrabin and takes him to Copenhagen Jack.
• Jacky and Copenhagen Jack give Doyle a new identity, warning him that Romany and Horrabin are after him.
• Jacky is really a woman.

Chapter 5 and Chapter 6

• Jacky saves Doyle from Romany and Horrabin and helps him find a job at an inn.

• Jacky tracks Dog Face Joe to a new...

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