The Ants Multiple Choice Test Questions

Bert Hölldobler
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Chapter 1 The Importance of Ants

1. Which of the following is NOT a category that authors Holldobler and Wilson claim to be extremely complex in ant colonies?
(a) Their communication.
(b) Their social organization.
(c) Their behavior.
(d) Their anatomy.

2. Which of the following worlds does Wilson claim that ants run?
(a) The terrestrial world.
(b) The coastal world.
(c) All of the above.
(d) The aquatic world.

3. How do ants communicate?
(a) Through a complex pattern of squeaks.
(b) Ants do not communicate.
(c) Through antennae movement.
(d) Through chemical emissions.

4. Which of the following is NOT a group of insects?
(a) Coleoptera.
(b) Diptera.
(c) Hymenoptera.
(d) Philliotera.

5. How much of the Amazon rainforest is composed of ants and other insects?
(a) One-half.
(b) One-third.
(c) All of it.
(d) One-fourth.

6. How many ants are contained in each hectare of soil in the Amazonian rainforest?
(a) 8 million.
(b) 80 million.
(c) 18 million.
(d) 800,000.

7. Of all the landscapes explored in the opening of this novel, which landscape has the highest density of ants per hectare?
(a) The Zaire Savannahs.
(b) The Ivory Coast.
(c) The Amazonian Rainforest.
(d) The Fittkau Forests.

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