The Ants Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Bert Hölldobler
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Chapter 1 The Importance of Ants

• The novel opens with the argument that ants are incredibly important organisms in all ecosystems, but they are misunderstood. Ants live in almost every climate, and have evolved in such a way that they can live in all environments.

• The authors argue that ants are extremely valuable to science, yet they are under-utilized in experiments, and there is not enough funding to understand ant communities.

Chapter 2 Classification and Origins

• Ants belong in the animal order of Hymenoptera, or more specifically, within the family called Formicidae. There are over 20,000 species of ants still unknown to scientists within this family.

• There are many theories why the ants species have evolved the way they have over time. Some of these theories include their "primitive social behavior."

• Scientists argue at length as to the origins of ant species, most notably because there are no fossils of early...

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