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Kevin Crossley-Holland
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "A Colloquy" what profession does the pupil have?
(a) A ploughman.
(b) A hunter.
(c) A carpenter.
(d) A monk.

2. What is the alternate name that the introduction to "I Saw a Strange Creature..." gives to kennings?
(a) Hyperbolies.
(b) Mini-Riddles.
(c) Allegories.
(d) Personifications.

3. Who "asked" the best known riddle of the Anglo-Saxon riddles?
(a) The Griffin.
(b) The Nemean Lion.
(c) The Sphinx.
(d) The Centaur.

4. What kingdom does the author of the introduction to "Greetings in Christ" say the "boys" came from?
(a) Northumbria.
(b) Lul.
(c) Deira.
(d) South Daneland.

5. What is the name of "one of the most popular philosophical books of the Middle Ages"? (According to the author of the introduction.)
(a) "Consolation of Philosophy."
(b) "Intermediate Teachings of Higher Thought."
(c) "Ancient Beliefs and Modern Philosophies."
(d) "Justifications of Philosophical Thought."

Short Answer Questions

1. What were "embedded" in 10th and 11th century manuscripts that were defined as short incantations?

2. The object in the second stanza of "Thirty-One Riddles" is what by nature?

3. What was the name of the most powerful English king "prior to Alfred"?

4. What is the traditional kenning for a wife?

5. In what year did Gregory send Augustine to Kent?

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