Objects & Places from The Anglo-Saxon World: An Anthology

Kevin Crossley-Holland
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The Cross of Christappears in Christian Poems

This object is personified in a poem. It is described as hating that the Lord must be crucified upon it.

The Germanic Heroic Codeappears in Heroic Poems, Beowulf

This object emphasized values of physical and moral fortitude, loyalty toward one's kin and lord, and defending a family's honor through the blood feud.

Heorotappears in Beowulf

This place is renowned throughout Daneland and terrorized by a monster.


Viking Invasionsappears in Many Sections

These happenings include the destruction and plundering of England.

Estoniaappears in Exploration

At this location, many cities exist and mead and honey are popular.

Bald's Leechbookappears in Charms and Remedies

This object combines science, witchcraft and folklore.

Northumbriaappears in The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, The Kingdom of God, Greetings in

This place is rumored to have been the place where dragons were spotted during the Middle Ages.

Christianityappears in Most Sections


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