Objects & Places from The Anglo-Saxon World: An Anthology

Kevin Crossley-Holland
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The Cross of Christappears in Christian Poems - This object is personified in a poem. It is described as hating that the Lord must be crucified upon it.

The Germanic Heroic Codeappears in Heroic Poems, Beowulf - This object emphasized values of physical and moral fortitude, loyalty toward one's kin and lord, and defending a family's honor through the blood feud.

Heorotappears in Beowulf - This place is renowned throughout Daneland and terrorized by a monster.


Viking Invasionsappears in Many Sections - These happenings include the destruction and plundering of England.

Estoniaappears in Exploration - At this location, many cities exist and mead and honey are popular.

Bald's Leechbookappears in Charms and Remedies - This object combines science, witchcraft and folklore.

Northumbriaappears in The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, The Kingdom of God, Greetings in - This place is rumored to have been the place where dragons were spotted during...

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