The Anglo-Saxon World: An Anthology Character Descriptions

Kevin Crossley-Holland
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Beowulf, King of the Geatsappears in Epic Beowulf - This character is renowned for his/her epic journeys and battles.

King Alfred of Englandappears in The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Exploration, Example and Exhortat - This character creates a system for writing prose in the English vernacular because up to that point it has primarily been a spoken language. It was only written down for poetry or business notations.

Ohthere of Norwayappears in Exploration, Beowulf - This character is from Norway and decides to travel to find out what lies to the north.

Hrothgar, King of the Danesappears in Beowulf - This character is responsible for building Heorot and has to close it down when it is ravaged by a monster.

Grendelappears in Beowulf - This character loses his/her arm during a fight with another character.

Caedmonappears in The Kingdom of God, Christian Poems - This character wakes...

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