The Anglo-Saxon World: An Anthology Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kevin Crossley-Holland
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Heroic Poems

• "Heroic Poems" addresses fragments of heroic poems with commonly held themes.
• "Deor," a first-person narrative, tells of how he is feeling given the loss of all of his possessions.

• "The Finnesburh Fragment" speaks to the joys associated with physical combat and the heroic code.
• "Waldere" consists of two fragments and tells of the Germanic legend of Walther and Hildegund.

• "The Battle of Maldon" recalls the memory of a survivor of a battle.

• "The Battle of Brunanburh" is a documentary poem that addresses the concept of nationalism.

Laws, and The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

• The "Laws" section of the text details several laws and letters written regarding codes of the times.

• "The Laws of Withred" address the specific laws that the people of Kent were required to follow.

• "Trial of Ordeal" describes the punishments (this excerpt details trial by fire) that those found guilty of crimes were required to...

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