Objects & Places from The Angels Weep

Wilbur Smith
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This is the city of the dead that the Matabele king forbade anyone to go to.

Harkness Mine

This is a nine-day walk from the ancient city's ruins.


This is a stabbing spear with a shaft made of polished heartwood from the blood wood tree.


This is the name given to the destruction of a million souls.

King's Lynn

This land is so vast that it would take a good rider three days to ride around the boundary.

Khami Mission

This is run by the character known as Nomusa.


This is the name used by the Matabele for natives hired as policemen.


This is where those who survive the Matabele attack gather and regroup.


This identifies the terrorists.

Queen's Lynn

This is where the prime marbled beef of Kobe is raised.


This is considered to be the main language of the...

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