Daily Lessons for Teaching The Angels Weep

Wilbur Smith
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Lesson 1 (from Part One - 1895: Pages 1 - 35)


As Wilbur Smith begins "The Angels Weep," he begins by introducing Zouga Ballantyne - a character that was introduced several novels earlier. "The Angels Weep" is the third novel in a series following the lives of the Ballantyne family. In using characters that have already been introduced and possessing established histories, the author's hands are somewhat tied in an effort to be true to his other writings. The object of this Lesson Plan is to examine the benefits and challenges involved in writing a story's continuation.


1. Small Group Discussion: Determine and discuss the pros and cons of writing a book as part of an existing series. What would be easier? What would be more challenging?

2. Writing Assignment: Write a short paper summarizing your experience of reading this novel. If you have read previous novels in the Ballantyne series, what in this story didn't mesh with...

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