The Angels Weep Fun Activities

Wilbur Smith
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I Can See Clearly Now

Prophesies are important in the novel and impact a large number of decisions. In our world, Nostradamus was a master of prophesy. Identify one of Nostradamus' prophecies. Does this prophecy sound similar to the prophesies uttered by the Umlimo? Did this prophecy come true? Why or why not? What evidence do you have to support your answer? Share your findings with the class.

The Characters Involved

Pick any five of the characters that Smith portrays in the story. For each character, identify their main characteristics or traits and why each of these characteristics are important to the character's development and actions. Then, for each of your identified characters, find an image (from a magazine, web site, newspaper, etc.) that portrays the character as you imagine him (or her) to be.

Meet Dr. St. John

Imagine you are a biographer and have been assigned...

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