The Angels Weep Character Descriptions

Wilbur Smith
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Ralph Ballantyne

This character builds a transport company that rapidly becomes the largest and most efficient in Africa.

Craig Mellow

This character joins the police force after refusing to kill animals in his role as a park ranger.

Roland Ballantyne

This character resurrects the Ballantyne Scouts to deal with ongoing terrorism.

Jonathan Ballantyne (Bawu - Gadfly)

This character lives long enough that most people guess his age to be close to a hundred or more.

Samson Kumalo

This character loves his grandfather and is very loyal to friends and family.

Bazo (The Axe)

This character has the head ring of the Induna woven directly into his hair out of gum and clay.

Cecil Rhodes

This character owns or controls nearly all of the world's diamonds.

Zouga Ballantyne

This character's Matabele name is Bakela.

Gideon Kumalo (Tungata Zebiwe)

This character was the assistant headmaster at the Khami mission.

Mungo St. John

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