The Angels Weep Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Wilbur Smith
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Part One - 1895: Pages 1 - 35

• As the story begins, Zouga and Ralph are searching for the city of Zimbabwe to claim the gold that Zouga has seen there.

• The Matabele has banned trespassing on the sacred ground of the city, but they were driven from the area long ago.

• Ralph and Zouga find the city and locate the small access holes.

• When Jan Cheroot is lowered more than sixty feet into the hole to the bottom, Jan finds the skeletons of the previous crew.
• Jan wants to be hauled up, but the other two men convince him to stay down, explore, and bring up a sample.

• When Jan is pulled to the surface, the sample he has shows that it is gold. The men work hard to establish their claim before anyone else arrives and, after four days, they have claimed the entire area.

• Ralph and Zouga call...

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