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Short Answer Questions

1. In Burton's opinion, "love" also includes love between ____.

2. Burton believes that distance from _______ causes change in skin color.

3. According to Christianity, evil brings froth _____.

4. At any given time, who does the wanton man love most?

5. Burton sees love causing an array of ______ and feelings.

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Burton, do challenges help cure melancholy? Why or why not?

2. According to Burton, why don't nuns sleep in their own beds?

3. Why does Burton advise rituals as a means for curing melancholy?

4. In Chapter 12, Burton describes a wanton man. Does this man actually love women he is with? Why or why not?

5. In Burton's opinion, how far will people go for love?

6. Why does Burton believe idleness causes melancholy via love?

7. Are Burton's ways of curing melancholy fairly black and white? What are his cures dependent on?

8. In Chapter 14, how does Burton liken love to melancholy?

9. How does Burton feel about the physical variations in humans? How does he approach these variations?

10. Does Burton believe love is avoidable? What are his suggestions?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Burton's use of visuals and diagrams to explain concepts in "The Anatomy of Melancholy."

Essay Topic 2

Especially in his discussions of love, Burton regularly addresses the feeling of "fear." Discuss how Burton examines fear and how this emotion is woven into melancholy.

Essay Topic 3

Burton discusses the nature of love and attraction and acknowledges his understanding is that of a man. Discuss the affect of the male point of view in the book.

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