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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, First Partition : Chapter 3, Melancholia Cont..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes melancholy of special interest to Democritus?
(a) It is an undiscussed subject.
(b) He wants to help people.
(c) He has a melancholic temperament himself.
(d) He loves the sound of the word.

2. What is the connection of Democritus and Democritus Junior?
(a) They are father and son.
(b) They are the same person.
(c) Their thoughts on melancholy.
(d) They are brothers.

3. If one experiences headaches, Burton believes his melancholy condition might be ______ related.
(a) Biologically.
(b) Health.
(c) Spiritually.
(d) Mentally.

4. Burton explains there are natural and _______ causes for melancholy.
(a) Imagined.
(b) Serious.
(c) Comical.
(d) Supernatural.

5. When are Democritus's thoughts prevalent?
(a) Today.
(b) Ancient times.
(c) The medieval period.
(d) Never.

Short Answer Questions

1. Burton explains the causes of human ailments are _______.

2. In divine justice, whose wrongdoings do people suffer from?

3. What is Burton's second step to correcting melancholy?

4. If one experiences despondency, Burton believes his condition might be ______ related.

5. What is Burton's first step to correcting melancholy?

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