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Lesson 1

Objective: Book 1, The Anatomy of Melancholy : Chapter 1, The Introductory Material Robert Burton doesn't credit himself as the author of these mediations on melancholy. He explains that Democritus and Democritus Junior laid the foundations for these ideas and that he is furthering his work for the modern era. In this lesson, discuss Democritus to better understand the foundations for Burton's discussion.

1) Introduction: Ask the class to discuss what they've gathered about Democritus and Democritus Junior from Burton's discussions at the beginning of Chapter 1. Do a brief presentation on Democritus and Democritus Junior to fill in the blanks.

2) Class Discussion: What are these men known for? How do they present their theories? How valued are they today, do you think? What impact can you see Democritus has on "today"? Do his thoughts include more than melancholy? Where else do his ideas apply?

3) Independent Writing: How is Burton heeding or...

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