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Book 1, The Anatomy of Melancholy : Chapter 1, The Introductory Material

• Robert Burton claims that he intends to further the ideas of Democritus on melancholy.

• Burton wants his work to apply more to the modern era.

• Burton explains the significance of Democritus.
• The book is meant to discuss the conditions of melancholy and the treatment.

• Burton discusses the various degrees and debilitations of melancholy.

Book 1, The First Partition : Chapter 2, Melancholia

• Burton discusses the role ego plays in melancholy.

• Burton explains the steps for treatment of any kind of melancholy are recognizing the problem, identifying the cause, and attempting to solve.

• Chapter 2 relies on a 6-page chart and diagram which outlines the causes and symptoms of melancholy.
• Burton categorizes types of melancholy based on their symptoms: some are physical ailments while others are their actions.

• Burton explains that natural and supernatural causes are the primary origins of melancholy.

• Burton discusses inner...

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