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Chapters I and II

• Chapter I: Newman, an American is visiting the Louvre. He watches a group of women painting replicas of the paintings and agrees to pay one woman, Noemie, 2000 francs for her painting, even though he knows it is overpriced. Noemie makes her father offer to teach Newman how to speak French with the hopes that he can regain his fortune.

• Chapter II: Newman meets an old friend, Tom Tristam, in the Louvre. Tristam now lives in Paris and insists on showing and telling Newman where and how he should spend his time to experience the "real" Paris.

Chapters III and IV

• Chapter III: Mrs. Tristam and Newman becomes friends. Mrs. Tristam decides she is going to help Newman find someone to marry and sets her sights on Clair de Bellegarde, a young widow who her husband says is snooty and who has pledged never to...

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