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Short Answer Questions

1. In "Elements of Style," Parks suggests that every playwright begin by asking why a story needs to be what?

2. Who is speaking in scene "D" of "Snails"?

3. In "An Equation for Black People Onstage" Parks writes, "The bulk of relationships Black people are engaged in onstage is the relationship between the Black and the" what?

4. In scene "B" of "Betting on the Dust Commander," Mare suggests that she and Lucius have children, as they have neither what?

5. How many children do the Smiths have in "Greeks (or the Slugs)"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What objectives do Mrs. Smith and Buffy reveal in scene "B" of "Greeks (or the Slugs)"?

2. Discuss the use of archetypes in "Devotees in the Garden of Love." How does this affect the characters' actions?

3. What does the play on words of "Foundling Father" imply in The America Play?

4. What central theme or moral statement emerges in the ending of "Pickling"?

5. What metaphoric statement is made through repetition in "Betting on the Dust Commander"?

6. With what song and memories does Miss Miss open the play "Pickling"?

7. What apparatus does the Naturalist describe in scene "B" of "Snails"?

8. What role does race play in "Devotees in the Garden of Love"?

9. What issues are discussed between Molly and Charlene in "C" of "Snails"?

10. What does Parks relate about the contemporary theatre in "Elements of Style"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Define and analyze metaphor and symbolism in "Snails." What can the cockroach and Naturalist be seen as symbols of in society? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and analyze the themes, characters and actions in the short play "Third Kingdom." What is the setting of this play?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the symbolic elements of The America Play and their relationship to one another. How does Abraham Lincoln correlate to the Great Hole of History? Why does the author choose to use this imagery?

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