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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What term refers to a vacation or leave of absence granted to an enlisted person?
(a) Furlough.
(b) Extirpation.
(c) Parole.
(d) Suspension.

2. What title of a play in the collection was derived from a phrase in a half-waking dream of the author's?
(a) "Pickling."
(b) "The America Play."
(c) "The Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World."
(d) "Devotees in the Garden of Love."

3. In "An Equation for Black People Onstage" Parks writes, "The bulk of relationships Black people are engaged in onstage is the relationship between the Black and the" what?
(a) "White lifestyle."
(b) "White other."
(c) "White perspective."
(d) "Female other."

4. In scene "B" of "Betting on the Dust Commander," Mare complains that Lucius is always going where?
(a) To his friends house.
(b) To the library.
(c) To the track.
(d) To the bar.

5. What does Mr. Sergeant Smith refer to as a promotion in "Greeks (or the Slugs)"?
(a) A "Mark of superiority."
(b) A "Bump up."
(c) A "Distinction."
(d) An "Elevation."

6. In scene "A" of "Snails," Molly insistently asks Charlene where what are?
(a) The want ads.
(b) Her dress.
(c) Family photographs.
(d) Her shoes.

7. What does Charlene complain the apartment is infested with in scene "C" of "Snails"?
(a) Mice.
(b) Cockroaches.
(c) Spiders.
(d) Rats.

8. In her opening essays, what does Parks define as "the holding or having of something of one's own"?
(a) Ownership.
(b) Belonging.
(c) Possession.
(d) Adoption.

9. What does Lucius beat Mare with in scene "B" of "Betting on the Dust Commander"?
(a) A riding crop.
(b) His fist.
(c) A belt.
(d) A cord.

10. What is Charlene's name in scene "F" of "Snails"?
(a) Mona.
(b) Cara.
(c) Chona.
(d) Vero.

11. Where is Lucius planning to go in scene "B" of "Betting on the Dust Commander"?
(a) A casino.
(b) A bar.
(c) The races.
(d) The movies.

12. In "Elements of Style" Parks suggests that the use of language involves what?
(a) The entire body.
(b) Emotional density.
(c) Grammatical understanding.
(d) The throat.

13. In scene "A" of "Greeks (or the Slugs)," Mr. Sergeant Smith uses a simile to describe hiding like what?
(a) A snake.
(b) A turtle.
(c) A snail.
(d) A frog.

14. To whom does Mr. Sergeant Smith address a letter in scene "C" of "Greeks (or the Slugs)"?
(a) Duffy.
(b) Mrs. Smith.
(c) Buffy.
(d) Muffy.

15. In "An Equation for Black People Onstage," Parks calls for African-Americans "to show the world and ourselves our beautiful and powerfully" what?
(a) "Interesting culture."
(b) "Accurate wisdom."
(c) "Infinite variety."
(d) "Creative minds."

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the exterminator Charlene intends to call in "C" of "Snails"?

2. Lucius tells Mare in scene "B" of "Betting on the Dust Commander" that she doesn't pay attention to the little things, comparing them to what?

3. Where was Suzan-Lori Parks born?

4. What does Mrs. Smith ask Buffy to keep clean in scene "B" of "Greeks (or the Slugs)"?

5. At the end of scene "C" of "Betting on the Dust Commander," what does Lucius ask Mare to say?

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