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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first of four short plays anthologized under the title "Imperceptible Mutabilities in the Third Kingdom"?
(a) "Sasquatch."
(b) "Snails."
(c) "Squirrels."
(d) "Serpents."

2. Charles speaks to Aretha about the importance of what in scene "E" of "Open House"?
(a) Hindsight.
(b) Humor.
(c) Foresight.
(d) Memory.

3. In "Elements of Style" Parks urges playwrights to find what in the lines of the characters?
(a) Action.
(b) Passion.
(c) Reason.
(d) Humanity.

4. Who is speaking in scene "D" of "Snails"?
(a) The banker.
(b) The priest.
(c) The Naturalist.
(d) The policeman.

5. In "Elements of Style" Parks suggests that the use of language involves what?
(a) The throat.
(b) Grammatical understanding.
(c) The entire body.
(d) Emotional density.

6. The children in the beginning of "Open House" are worried about who will take care of what when Aretha is gone?
(a) Their dogs.
(b) Their dolls.
(c) Their cats.
(d) The house.

7. Lucius tells Mare in scene "B" of "Betting on the Dust Commander" that she doesn't pay attention to the little things, comparing them to what?
(a) Bugs.
(b) Leaves.
(c) Dust.
(d) Stars.

8. For what play did Parks receive the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Drama?
(a) Locomotive.
(b) The Sinner's Place.
(c) In The Blood.
(d) Topdog/Underdog.

9. When was the Emancipation Proclamation enacted?
(a) 1863.
(b) 1853.
(c) 1858.
(d) 1854.

10. What man does Aretha tell to be patient in scene "A" of "Open House"?
(a) Charles.
(b) Steven.
(c) Michael.
(d) Aurthur.

11. Who works with Aretha on the calculations for how many slaves can fit in the bottom of a transport ship in scene "B" of "Open House"?
(a) Blanca.
(b) Charles.
(c) Aretha.
(d) Miss Faith.

12. What word refers to that made conspicuous by excellence; noted; eminent; famous?
(a) Recognition.
(b) Distinguished.
(c) Superior.
(d) Presidential.

13. Who worries that her father doesn't like her in scene "D" of "Greeks (or the Slugs)"?
(a) Buffy.
(b) Duffy.
(c) Mrs. Smith.
(d) Muffy.

14. What is Molly's name in scene "F" of "Snails"?
(a) Vero.
(b) Valerie.
(c) Mona.
(d) Chona.

15. What is Veronica's name in scene "F" of "Snails"?
(a) Chona.
(b) Charlotte..
(c) Mona.
(d) Verona.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did the Thirteenth Amendment abolish slavery?

2. Who kisses Mr. Sergeant Smith's desk in scene "D" of "Greeks (or the Slugs)"?

3. What is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music, used as a form of expression or presented in a spiritual or performance setting?

4. At the end of scene "C" of "Betting on the Dust Commander," what does Lucius ask Mare to say?

5. What term is used to refer to African American Vernacular English, asserting the independence of this from (standard) English?

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