The America Play, and Other Works Character Descriptions

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African Americans

The nature of character and identity for this group of people is central to the collection's narratives and its themes.

Female Characters (Molly/Mona, Charlene/Chona, Veronica/Vero)

These three characters are all struggling for a sense of personal identity--a struggle manifest in their search for work, for freedom from poverty, and for pleasure in violence.


These figures in the Third Kingdom represent the desire and/or intention to view beyond the current experience and into a new, freer future.


This character is a nanny/housekeeper assigned the responsibility of taking care of little children who mature into financially and socially ambitious adults.

Mr. Sergeant Smith

This character is an ambitious army officer desperate for advancement and approval.

Lucius and Mare

These characters are a married couple trapped in a cycle of violence, gambling, abuse and self-limitation.

Miss Miss

This elderly character is lost...

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