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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the boatman answer when Will asks if they are dead now too?

2. What will be unique about Lord Asriel's new world that he hopes to create?

3. Why does Lyra tell Will she believed Mrs. Coulter was doing with her in the cave?

4. When Lyra begins to stir whose name does she say?

5. What had Mary told the Mulefa was needed in order for her spyglass to work?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Metatron see when he looks at Mrs. Coulter?

2. What do Will and Mary decide when they talk about the possibility of getting married when they get older?

3. What does Iorek tell Lyra happened when he and Will met and what it meant for Iorek as he tells it in Chapter 15?

4. Although Mary Malone has always wanted to climb trees what is bothering her at the thought of doing it in the Chapter 20?

5. Why does Serafin Pekkala break her arrow?

6. What is the dilemma that Will faces when he learns that he must destroy the knife in Chapter 37?

7. What happens at the end of Chapter 16 after Mrs. Coulter is shown the intention craft?

8. What does Lee Scorseby and John Parry instruct Will to do in order to save Lyra?

9. Describe the scene where Iorek finds Lee's body.

10. What are Will and Lyra's reaction when they first see what it was that the ghasts were attacking?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Will is forced to take care of his mother. 1) Given Will's age what does it say that he tries so hard to take care of his mother? 2) Why is Will so frightened of going to live in a home? Of his mother going to an institution? 3) Was Will's role with his mother crucial to the story? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Mrs. Coulter is Lyra's mother but they have a non traditional relationship. Explain the relationship between this mother and daughter pair as it appears in the first of the book. Explain how it is different at the end of the book. What events take place that cause these changes?

Essay Topic 3

Iorek eats Lee's body earlier on in the story. What does this tell the reader and was it significant that the reader know that Iorek had eaten Lee's body? Explain. In cannibalistic cultures, it was believed that devouring someone could give the eater part of the creatures memories or characteristics. Do you think this has a bearing on Iorek's decision? Why or why not?

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