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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it that Lord Asriel finds in the tunnel that illuminates it?
(a) Dragonflies
(b) Specters
(c) Dust
(d) Ghosts

2. What does Mrs. Coulter tell Metatron when he asks her where Lord Asriel is doing and where he is?
(a) She says Asriel is on the battle field
(b) She says she can take Metatron to Asriel
(c) She asks what she may have in return
(d) She gives Metatron a list of Asriel's battle tactics

3. What does Mary suggest they do to pass the time while Lyra and Will tell their story?
(a) Pick seed pods
(b) Tend the fields
(c) Cook
(d) Mend nets

4. How does Mrs. Coulter describe the key that unlocks her cuffs to Roke?
(a) Short with black tape
(b) It is a black key with three prongs on it
(c) It has a crucifix on the top
(d) Long with an x scratched on the head

5. How does Mrs. Coulter tell them she arrived at the College?
(a) None of their business
(b) Stolen machine from Lord Asriel
(c) Stolen gyropter
(d) The Subtle Knife

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Father MacPhail accuse Mrs. Coulter of?

2. Who arrives suddenly while Will and Lyra are beginning to be attacked by the horsemen?

3. What is waiting for Lee when he lets himself leave the earth?

4. What do the daemons tell Will and Lyra is the reason that the Dust has been leaving the worlds?

5. What is the permanent shape that Pantalaimon takes?

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