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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Lyra begins to stir whose name does she say?
(a) Pantalaimon
(b) Serafina
(c) Roger
(d) Will

2. Why does Mrs. Coulter tell Ama not to tell anyone that Mrs. Coulter and her daughter are in the cave?
(a) They need privacy
(b) The enchanter is looking for her daughter
(c) They have lots of money
(d) They are on a quest

3. What does Balthamos suddenly become aware of that causes him emotional pain?
(a) The death of Baruch
(b) The rip of the fabric of the worlds
(c) The arrival of Specters
(d) The movement of the church

4. What does Iorek do when he comes upon Lee's body?
(a) Eats it
(b) Gives him a proper burial
(c) Burns his body
(d) Puts him on a raft out to sea

5. What is Dr. Mary Malone identified as?
(a) Eve
(b) A witch
(c) The Tempter
(d) The key

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tialys say has happened to Mrs. Coulter?

2. What does Mary Malone tell the Mulefa that cause them to laugh?

3. What does Iorek tell Lyra when she says that she must go to the world of the dead?

4. What will be unique about Lord Asriel's new world that he hopes to create?

5. What effect does Dr. Malone have on the Specters?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mrs. Coulter tell Will in Chapter 11 that she is trying to do for Lyra?

2. Describe the feelings that Mary has from being in the tree tops as it is explained in chapter twenty-seven.

3. Explain why Will refuses to kill the toad despite Tialys' suggestion that doing so would be merciful.

4. Describe the relationship between Mary and Atal as it is shown in Chapter 17.

5. What is the condition and frame of mind of the two Gallivespians as they ride on Lyra and Will's shoulder at the beginning of chapter twenty-nine?

6. When Mary shows Serafina the amber spyglass and Serafina sees the Dust how does Mary explain how it happened to settle on Will and Lyra?

7. What does Metatron see when he looks at Mrs. Coulter?

8. What makes Tialys angry when Lyra is telling her and Will's story while in the Suburb of the death in Chapter 19?

9. What does Mary realize that the matter is trying to do?

10. Describe the meeting between Mary and the Mulefa in Chapter 7.

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