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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lord Asriel say will happen if Metatron wins?
(a) Hell will be destroyed
(b) Permanent Inquisition
(c) Death will become purgatory
(d) Heaven will come to rule the forces of earth

2. Why does Mary not call out to Will and Lyra?
(a) The man might shoot her
(b) She has lost her voice
(c) Fear that they will come out to the man
(d) The wind is blowing to strong

3. What does Mrs. Coulter reach for in her bag?
(a) Letter
(b) Her locket
(c) Lyra's hair
(d) Pistol

4. What does Mrs. Coulter say that she and Lord Asriel should have done?
(a) Ran away when they were young
(b) Never had Lyra
(c) Never have met
(d) Married

5. What does Mrs. Coulter say she wants Asriel to know before he dies?
(a) He has bad breath
(b) Lyra is dead
(c) She betrayed him
(d) He has lost

6. How do the daemons know that what Serafina told them is true?
(a) The harpies told them
(b) They have seen the proof
(c) An angel told them
(d) They learned it in the land of the dead

7. Where do Specters come from according to Pantalaimon and Kijava?
(a) Fallen angels
(b) Opening windows
(c) Ghosts
(d) Ghasts

8. What does Mary suddenly realize is true about all living material?
(a) It is all made up of Dust
(b) It caused Dust to exist
(c) It is in danger of starving from lack of Dust
(d) It has no connection to Dust

9. What does Serafina tell the daemons they must do?
(a) Become birds
(b) Go with her and leave their humans
(c) Return to the land of the dead
(d) Help their humans

10. What does Mary see that the man is carrying?
(a) A bag
(b) A gun
(c) An alethiometer
(d) A telescope

11. Who saves Lyra when she begins to fall?
(a) Will
(b) Roger
(c) Lee
(d) No-Name Harpy

12. Where does Mary make them promise not to go?
(a) Lyra's home
(b) Another world
(c) Will's home
(d) Woods

13. What is Brother Louis sent to Mrs. Coulter's room to get while she is sleeping?
(a) An extra pillow
(b) A bracelet
(c) Her locket
(d) A scarf that had belonged to Lyra

14. Who comes and talks with Will and Lyra's daemons?
(a) Mary
(b) Serafina Pekkala
(c) Iorek
(d) Lee Scorseby

15. Who does Mrs. Coulter demand to see when she arrives at the College of St. Jerome?
(a) Rabbi Artulae
(b) Brother Louis
(c) Father MacPhail
(d) Father Gomez

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the first creatures that Father Gomez sees when he enters the Mulefa's world?

2. Who arrives suddenly while Will and Lyra are beginning to be attacked by the horsemen?

3. How does Mrs. Coulter describe the key that unlocks her cuffs to Roke?

4. What does MacPhail intend to do since Mrs. Coulter is no longer a captive to be sacrificed for the necessary energy to detonate the bomb aimed at killing Lyra?

5. Who arrives to warn Lyra of the bomb that is about to happen?

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