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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had let know Mary that Will and Lyra were coming?
(a) A witch
(b) A ghost
(c) A dream
(d) An angel

2. What is Brother Louis sent to Mrs. Coulter's room to get while she is sleeping?
(a) Her locket
(b) An extra pillow
(c) A bracelet
(d) A scarf that had belonged to Lyra

3. What does Mrs. Coulter use to check on Lyra?
(a) Loadstone Resonator
(b) Chi sticks
(c) Gallivespian spy network
(d) Alethiometer

4. What does Mary see when the Mulefa from the neighboring village come to get her?
(a) Large amounts of Dust
(b) Ghosts
(c) Witches
(d) Father Gomez

5. What's the reason for the sudden turn in the attack while Lyra and Will are watching the battle through the window?
(a) Tanks arrive
(b) A storm comes up
(c) Specters arrive
(d) Cave Ghasts

6. What does Mary say is an important animal in the Mulefa's world and is looked after?
(a) Rats
(b) Snake
(c) Birds
(d) Dogs

7. Where do Specters come from according to Pantalaimon and Kijava?
(a) Ghasts
(b) Ghosts
(c) Fallen angels
(d) Opening windows

8. What is Will told he should do with the knife?
(a) Break it
(b) Bury it
(c) Keep it for emergencies
(d) Send it to the world of the dead

9. What does John Parry say they should do before they disappear?
(a) Help Lord Asriel
(b) Find the Authority and kill him
(c) Save Lyra
(d) Destroy the Church

10. What do Will and Lyra tell Mary that they are going out for?
(a) Look for their daemons
(b) To look for the man Mary had seen
(c) To find where Mary entered the world
(d) To have a picnic

11. What does Lord Asriel say will happen if Metatron wins?
(a) Heaven will come to rule the forces of earth
(b) Hell will be destroyed
(c) Permanent Inquisition
(d) Death will become purgatory

12. What does Serafina tell the daemons they must do?
(a) Return to the land of the dead
(b) Help their humans
(c) Become birds
(d) Go with her and leave their humans

13. What does Father Gomez see when a bird hisses at him?
(a) It has teeth
(b) It has live fish in it's bill
(c) It sounds human like
(d) It eminates a foul sticky discharge

14. Why does Mrs. Coulter have trouble seeing Metatron?
(a) He exudes a great light
(b) He has called forth a fog
(c) She is weakened and sick
(d) He is transparent

15. What does Lyra suggest that Will's daemon would be good at?
(a) Hidding
(b) Running
(c) Fighting
(d) Stinking up the place

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Lord Roke hide when they first land/

2. What does Asriel say that humans have that make them stronger than angels?

3. What does Mary suggest they do to pass the time while Lyra and Will tell their story?

4. Who has been following Will and Lyra?

5. Where does John Parry explain that Lyra and Will's daemon's have gone?

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