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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mrs. Coulter surprised to find in her room when Father MacPhail has her locked in?
(a) Lyra
(b) Will
(c) Lord Asriel
(d) Lord Roke

2. What is the permanent shape that Pantalaimon takes?
(a) A ferret
(b) A mountain lion
(c) A raccoon
(d) A pine martin

3. Why does Mrs. Coulter have trouble seeing Metatron?
(a) He is transparent
(b) She is weakened and sick
(c) He has called forth a fog
(d) He exudes a great light

4. What does Mrs. Coulter say that she and Lord Asriel should have done?
(a) Never had Lyra
(b) Married
(c) Never have met
(d) Ran away when they were young

5. Where does Lord Roke hide when they first land/
(a) Mrs. Coulter's hair
(b) Mrs. Coulter's hat
(c) Mrs. Coulter's coat
(d) Mrs. Coulter's daemon's coat

6. Where do Specters come from according to Pantalaimon and Kijava?
(a) Opening windows
(b) Ghasts
(c) Fallen angels
(d) Ghosts

7. Who saves Lyra when she begins to fall?
(a) No-Name Harpy
(b) Roger
(c) Lee
(d) Will

8. What does Lyra dream of?
(a) Lee
(b) Her parents
(c) Iorek
(d) Pantalaimon

9. What does Metatron intend to do to get Lyra and Will to side with him?
(a) Capture their daemons
(b) Kidnap Will's mother
(c) Kidnap Lyra's mother
(d) Offer them a world of their choice to live freely

10. What does Will and Lyra see over head while they are running through the battle field?
(a) The angels retreating
(b) The Authority
(c) Lord Asriel on his flying machine
(d) The witches coming to fight with Asriel

11. What is it that catches a glimpse of the angels carrying the Authority in the litter?
(a) Cliff Ghast
(b) Specter
(c) Witch
(d) Gallivespian

12. What has happened to Roke?
(a) He was entranced by a witch's spell
(b) His leg is broken
(c) His arm is broken
(d) He has been crushed

13. Why does Mary not call out to Will and Lyra?
(a) She has lost her voice
(b) The man might shoot her
(c) Fear that they will come out to the man
(d) The wind is blowing to strong

14. What does Mary see when the Mulefa from the neighboring village come to get her?
(a) Father Gomez
(b) Large amounts of Dust
(c) Witches
(d) Ghosts

15. How does Mrs. Coulter tell them she arrived at the College?
(a) Stolen gyropter
(b) Stolen machine from Lord Asriel
(c) None of their business
(d) The Subtle Knife

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Father Gomez see when a bird hisses at him?

2. Who arrives suddenly while Will and Lyra are beginning to be attacked by the horsemen?

3. What does Will think of before he cuts with the knife that causes it to get stuck between the two worlds momentarily?

4. What happens when the bomb suddenly goes off?

5. What is Mrs. Coulter and Arsiel's plan?

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