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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrives suddenly while Will and Lyra are beginning to be attacked by the horsemen?
(a) Witches
(b) Angels
(c) Iorek
(d) Ghasts

2. Who comes and talks with Will and Lyra's daemons?
(a) Mary
(b) Iorek
(c) Lee Scorseby
(d) Serafina Pekkala

3. How do the daemons know that what Serafina told them is true?
(a) They have seen the proof
(b) The harpies told them
(c) An angel told them
(d) They learned it in the land of the dead

4. What had let know Mary that Will and Lyra were coming?
(a) A ghost
(b) A dream
(c) An angel
(d) A witch

5. How does Serafina Pekkala wake Mary Malone?
(a) By creating a breeze
(b) Through a dream
(c) Whispering her name
(d) By rustling the leaves

6. Who saves Lyra when she begins to fall?
(a) Will
(b) Roger
(c) Lee
(d) No-Name Harpy

7. What does Metatron intend to do to get Lyra and Will to side with him?
(a) Kidnap Will's mother
(b) Offer them a world of their choice to live freely
(c) Capture their daemons
(d) Kidnap Lyra's mother

8. What does Father MacPhail accuse Mrs. Coulter of?
(a) Giving them false information
(b) Having an accomplis
(c) Having ties to Lord Asriel
(d) Giving them the wrong hair

9. What does Mary realize is happening to the Dust?
(a) It is flowing out of the worlds
(b) It is disappearing
(c) It needs to have something to attract it
(d) It is gaining consciousness

10. What does Will say will probably happen when he goes home?
(a) He will have to hide from the men
(b) His mother will be well again
(c) He will go to an institution
(d) He will have to move

11. What's the reason for the sudden turn in the attack while Lyra and Will are watching the battle through the window?
(a) Specters arrive
(b) A storm comes up
(c) Cave Ghasts
(d) Tanks arrive

12. Where does John Parry explain that Lyra and Will's daemon's have gone?
(a) Lord Asriel
(b) Heaven
(c) Captured by the Authority
(d) The Church

13. What is Will told he should do with the knife?
(a) Send it to the world of the dead
(b) Bury it
(c) Keep it for emergencies
(d) Break it

14. What happens to Mary while she is swaying on the platform in the tree tops?
(a) She has an out of body experience
(b) She sees Father Gomez
(c) She sees the point that the dust originates from
(d) She is visited by an angel

15. What does Mrs. Coulter use to check on Lyra?
(a) Loadstone Resonator
(b) Alethiometer
(c) Gallivespian spy network
(d) Chi sticks

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John Parry say they should do before they disappear?

2. What happens when the bomb suddenly goes off?

3. What does Mary see that the man is carrying?

4. What does Will and Lyra see over head while they are running through the battle field?

5. What is the permanent shape that Pantalaimon takes?

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