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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mrs. Coulter and Arsiel's plan?
(a) To thrown Metatron into the abyss
(b) To dethrone Metatron
(c) To free the Authority
(d) To help the Ghasts kill Metatron

2. Where does Mary make them promise not to go?
(a) Another world
(b) Will's home
(c) Lyra's home
(d) Woods

3. Who comes and talks with Will and Lyra's daemons?
(a) Iorek
(b) Serafina Pekkala
(c) Lee Scorseby
(d) Mary

4. Who has been following Will and Lyra?
(a) The Mulefa
(b) Mary
(c) Father Gomez
(d) Birds

5. What does Lyra dream of?
(a) Iorek
(b) Her parents
(c) Lee
(d) Pantalaimon

6. What happens when Will and Lyra help the creature out of the litter the ghasts had been attacking?
(a) He was killed by a witch
(b) He disentigrated
(c) He attacked Lyra
(d) He was eaten by a Specter

7. How does Mary explain to Atal that she can tell Will and Lyra are different sexes?
(a) Body shapes and movement
(b) Facial features and temperments
(c) Body shapes and voices
(d) You have to ask

8. What is Brother Louis sent to Mrs. Coulter's room to get while she is sleeping?
(a) A scarf that had belonged to Lyra
(b) An extra pillow
(c) A bracelet
(d) Her locket

9. What does Father Gomez realize about the large birds?
(a) They are dangerous
(b) They can carry him and his pack
(c) They will taste good
(d) They are a little intelligent

10. What does Mary see when the Mulefa from the neighboring village come to get her?
(a) Witches
(b) Large amounts of Dust
(c) Father Gomez
(d) Ghosts

11. What does Mary say about love when Lyra says that witches are fierce?
(a) Love makes people crazy
(b) What a witch
(c) Love is feriocious, too
(d) A love scorned is painful

12. What does John Parry say they should do before they disappear?
(a) Destroy the Church
(b) Save Lyra
(c) Help Lord Asriel
(d) Find the Authority and kill him

13. What does Mary say she believes the roads were made from?
(a) People that came before the Mulefa
(b) Humans from other worlds
(c) The birds
(d) Lava flows

14. What does Will say will probably happen when he goes home?
(a) His mother will be well again
(b) He will have to hide from the men
(c) He will go to an institution
(d) He will have to move

15. What is waiting for Lee when he lets himself leave the earth?
(a) His mother
(b) Witches
(c) Iorek
(d) Hester

Short Answer Questions

1. What name does Lyra give the Harpy that saved her?

2. Why does Mary not call out to Will and Lyra?

3. What do Will and Lyra tell Mary that they are going out for?

4. Where does John Parry explain that Lyra and Will's daemon's have gone?

5. What does Mrs. Coulter ask Metatron to do in order to prove that he may trust her?

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