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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mary say about love when Lyra says that witches are fierce?
(a) A love scorned is painful
(b) What a witch
(c) Love makes people crazy
(d) Love is feriocious, too

2. What does John Parry say they should do before they disappear?
(a) Find the Authority and kill him
(b) Help Lord Asriel
(c) Destroy the Church
(d) Save Lyra

3. What is it that catches a glimpse of the angels carrying the Authority in the litter?
(a) Specter
(b) Gallivespian
(c) Witch
(d) Cliff Ghast

4. What is it that Lord Asriel finds in the tunnel that illuminates it?
(a) Dust
(b) Dragonflies
(c) Ghosts
(d) Specters

5. What does Will and Lyra see over head while they are running through the battle field?
(a) The Authority
(b) Lord Asriel on his flying machine
(c) The angels retreating
(d) The witches coming to fight with Asriel

6. What does the Lady begin feeding her dragonfly in order to keep it alive?
(a) Her own blood
(b) Harpy food
(c) Lyra's blood
(d) Bloodmoss

7. What do Will and Lyra find when they open the window to Lord Asriel's world?
(a) Their daemons
(b) A legion of angels flying
(c) Mrs. Coulter
(d) A battle

8. What does Lord Asriel say will happen if Metatron wins?
(a) Heaven will come to rule the forces of earth
(b) Hell will be destroyed
(c) Permanent Inquisition
(d) Death will become purgatory

9. Who arrives to warn Lyra of the bomb that is about to happen?
(a) Lyra's death
(b) Roger's ghosts
(c) Lee Scoresby's ghost
(d) John Parry's ghost

10. What sensation do both Will and Lyra feel that lets them know that their daemons are in danger?
(a) Heart Ache
(b) Shaking
(c) Nausea
(d) Great Pain

11. What does Serafina tell Mary that she could teach Mary to do if they had the time?
(a) Walk into other's dreams
(b) Work magic
(c) Fly
(d) See people's hidden daemons

12. How does Mrs. Coulter tell them she arrived at the College?
(a) The Subtle Knife
(b) Stolen machine from Lord Asriel
(c) Stolen gyropter
(d) None of their business

13. What happens to Mary while she is swaying on the platform in the tree tops?
(a) She has an out of body experience
(b) She sees Father Gomez
(c) She sees the point that the dust originates from
(d) She is visited by an angel

14. Who finds Will and Lyra in the new world they are in?
(a) Father Gomez
(b) Mrs. Coulter
(c) Mrs. Malone
(d) Mulefa

15. What does MacPhail intend to do since Mrs. Coulter is no longer a captive to be sacrificed for the necessary energy to detonate the bomb aimed at killing Lyra?
(a) Find a child to use the machine on
(b) Sacrifice one of his men
(c) Sacrifice himself
(d) Wait until Mrs. Coulter is found

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Coulter say she wants Asriel to know before he dies?

2. What does Mrs. Coulter use to check on Lyra?

3. What has happened to Roke?

4. What does Lyra suggest that Will's daemon would be good at?

5. What is the waterfall of Saint-Jean-Les-Eaux used for?

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