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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does John Parry say they should do before they disappear?
(a) Find the Authority and kill him
(b) Destroy the Church
(c) Save Lyra
(d) Help Lord Asriel

2. What does Mary suddenly realize is true about all living material?
(a) It is in danger of starving from lack of Dust
(b) It caused Dust to exist
(c) It has no connection to Dust
(d) It is all made up of Dust

3. What does Mary see that the man is carrying?
(a) A bag
(b) An alethiometer
(c) A telescope
(d) A gun

4. Why is the weather seeming to go crazy?
(a) A tornado is coming
(b) The angels have died and it is reflected in the worlds
(c) The worlds are trying to stop the dust from leaving
(d) The worlds are flying apart with the loss of dust

5. Where does Mary make them promise not to go?
(a) Woods
(b) Lyra's home
(c) Will's home
(d) Another world

6. What does Asriel say that humans have that make them stronger than angels?
(a) The will to live
(b) Physical bodies
(c) Souls
(d) A life to fight for

7. What does Mary say she believes the roads were made from?
(a) Humans from other worlds
(b) The birds
(c) People that came before the Mulefa
(d) Lava flows

8. What does Mrs. Coulter see the angels carrying?
(a) An extremely old angel
(b) A detailed arrangements of battle plans
(c) A magic sword
(d) The arc of the covenant

9. What does Serafina tell Mary that Mary's daemon is?
(a) A lioness
(b) A bird
(c) A wild cat
(d) A mountain goat

10. What does Serafina tell Mary that she could teach Mary to do if they had the time?
(a) Work magic
(b) Walk into other's dreams
(c) See people's hidden daemons
(d) Fly

11. Who finds Will and Lyra in the new world they are in?
(a) Mrs. Malone
(b) Father Gomez
(c) Mrs. Coulter
(d) Mulefa

12. What does the old woman's ghost tell Mary before the ghost disappears?
(a) Tell them stories
(b) Don't fear the reaper
(c) There is peace here
(d) It was all a lie

13. Who arrives to warn Lyra of the bomb that is about to happen?
(a) Lyra's death
(b) Lee Scoresby's ghost
(c) Roger's ghosts
(d) John Parry's ghost

14. What does Father Gomez do when the bird hisses at him?
(a) Walks calmly the other way
(b) Climbs a tree
(c) Retreats to a cave
(d) Shoots it

15. What does Lyra suggest that Will's daemon would be good at?
(a) Hidding
(b) Running
(c) Fighting
(d) Stinking up the place

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Will think of before he cuts with the knife that causes it to get stuck between the two worlds momentarily?

2. What does Mary say about love when Lyra says that witches are fierce?

3. What does Will tell his father that Will is not?

4. What does Lyra dream of?

5. What does Mrs. Coulter ask Metatron to do in order to prove that he may trust her?

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