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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Mary make them promise not to go?
(a) Another world
(b) Lyra's home
(c) Will's home
(d) Woods

2. What does Serafina tell Mary that Mary's daemon is?
(a) A mountain goat
(b) A wild cat
(c) A bird
(d) A lioness

3. What does Mrs. Coulter reach for in her bag?
(a) Letter
(b) Her locket
(c) Lyra's hair
(d) Pistol

4. What do Will and Lyra tell Mary that they are going out for?
(a) To have a picnic
(b) Look for their daemons
(c) To find where Mary entered the world
(d) To look for the man Mary had seen

5. What does Lyra suggest that Will's daemon would be good at?
(a) Hidding
(b) Stinking up the place
(c) Fighting
(d) Running

6. What does the old woman's ghost tell Mary before the ghost disappears?
(a) It was all a lie
(b) Don't fear the reaper
(c) Tell them stories
(d) There is peace here

7. What does Mary say she can do when Atal asks if there is anything Mary can do to help?
(a) Regain faith
(b) Pray
(c) Go to the land of the dead
(d) Tell stories

8. What does John Parry say they should do before they disappear?
(a) Destroy the Church
(b) Find the Authority and kill him
(c) Save Lyra
(d) Help Lord Asriel

9. Who is Mrs. Coulter surprised to find in her room when Father MacPhail has her locked in?
(a) Lyra
(b) Lord Roke
(c) Lord Asriel
(d) Will

10. What does Will say will probably happen when he goes home?
(a) He will have to hide from the men
(b) He will go to an institution
(c) He will have to move
(d) His mother will be well again

11. How does Mary explain to Atal that she can tell Will and Lyra are different sexes?
(a) Body shapes and movement
(b) You have to ask
(c) Body shapes and voices
(d) Facial features and temperments

12. What is the waterfall of Saint-Jean-Les-Eaux used for?
(a) Churns the chocolate
(b) To power the explosion that will kill Lyra
(c) Keeps the windows open between worlds
(d) To give power to Lord Asriel's war efforts

13. What does Mrs. Coulter say she wants Asriel to know before he dies?
(a) She betrayed him
(b) He has lost
(c) Lyra is dead
(d) He has bad breath

14. What does Mrs. Coulter tell Metatron when he asks her where Lord Asriel is doing and where he is?
(a) She gives Metatron a list of Asriel's battle tactics
(b) She says Asriel is on the battle field
(c) She says she can take Metatron to Asriel
(d) She asks what she may have in return

15. Why does Mrs. Coulter say that she didn't turn her daughter over to the Church?
(a) Protect Lyra from the priests
(b) Protect Lyra from Father Gomez
(c) To use Lyra as bait for Lord Asriel
(d) Lyra had secrets

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Serafina tell the daemons to take in their surroundings as they see them now?

2. What happens when Mary tries to climb her tree?

3. What are the first creatures that Father Gomez sees when he enters the Mulefa's world?

4. What does Xaphania say it was that allowed Lyra to read the compass?

5. How does Mrs. Coulter tell them she arrived at the College?

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