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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the fox after he tells the Cliff Ghast about Iorek and Serafina?
(a) He is killed
(b) He is forced to swear loyalty to the Ghasts
(c) He is put under a spell
(d) He is taken prisoner

2. Who is Serafina Pekkala looking for in the beginning of chapter three?
(a) Lord Asriel
(b) Lee and Hester
(c) The bear king
(d) Grumman

3. What effect does Dr. Malone have on the Specters?
(a) They are afraid of her
(b) They obey her
(c) They become enraged when she is around
(d) They swarm to her

4. What does Lyra find out when she uses the alethiometer to ask about the broken knife?
(a) There is another knife
(b) The angels can fix it
(c) The Ghasts have the ability to fix it
(d) Iorek can fix it

5. Who does Mrs. Coulter look like to Will causing him to drop the knife?
(a) Lyra
(b) His mother
(c) A Specter
(d) An angel

6. What does Tialys tell Will that they must do?
(a) Give themselves to the Africans
(b) Kill Mrs. Coulter
(c) Go to the Church members and plead their case
(d) Go find Lord Asriel

7. What does Iorek tell Lyra when she says that she must go to the world of the dead?
(a) He tells her that the world of the dead is a myth
(b) He tells her that he has no soul and they may not meet again
(c) He says that the world of the dead was created as a punishment
(d) He tells her that the bears created the world of the dead

8. What does Iorek do when he comes upon Lee's body?
(a) Gives him a proper burial
(b) Eats it
(c) Burns his body
(d) Puts him on a raft out to sea

9. What change does Tialys note has happened in the Lady?
(a) Her eyes have become dark
(b) She is pale
(c) She is weak
(d) She is running a fever

10. What does Iorek tell Will will be just as important during the forging of the knife as what Iorek will do?
(a) What shape the knife becomes
(b) What the knife wants
(c) What Will thinks
(d) What Will is holding

11. What does the man tell Lyra and Will is the name of the place they have traveled to?
(a) The spirit's resting ground
(b) Transistion world
(c) A suburb of the world of the dead
(d) Purgatory

12. Where does Father Gomez find himself while following Mary's path?
(a) The elderly couple's home that housed Mary
(b) The window to the Mulefa's world
(c) Amoung the Specters
(d) A river that runs backwards

13. Why does Lyra not want to tell the Gallivespians where they are going?
(a) She thinks they will tell Lord Asriel
(b) They have talked of the curse of the land of the dead
(c) She wnats to have an advantage over them
(d) She thinks the Gallivespians are hiding something

14. What does Lyra ask the alethiometer when she first wakes up?
(a) Is her mother alright
(b) Which way should they travel
(c) How to get rid of the Gallivespians
(d) Is Rodger alright

15. What thought comes to Will's mind and almost causes him to break the knife a second time?
(a) The pain from his fingers
(b) His father's death
(c) The fear of the land of the dead
(d) His mother

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Lyra tell the people that her and Will are?

2. What does the Lady say it will mean if she dies while going with Lyra to the world of the dead?

3. What does Will do to stop the fight between the bears and the towns people?

4. What does Tialys say has happened to Mrs. Coulter?

5. What does Magda's death advise Will and Lyra to do?

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