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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the children ghosts think when they see the Gallivespian's dragon flies?
(a) They want to be rescued
(b) They are daemons
(c) They are beautiful
(d) They have never seen such creatures

2. Where does Father Gomez find himself while following Mary's path?
(a) The elderly couple's home that housed Mary
(b) The window to the Mulefa's world
(c) A river that runs backwards
(d) Amoung the Specters

3. When Lyra begins to stir whose name does she say?
(a) Roger
(b) Pantalaimon
(c) Serafina
(d) Will

4. Who does Mrs. Coulter look like to Will causing him to drop the knife?
(a) His mother
(b) A Specter
(c) An angel
(d) Lyra

5. What does the man in the suit tell them they will have to wait on before they continue traveling?
(a) Till death has visited the town and approved them
(b) Till they have been cleansed
(c) Till they have traveling papers
(d) They have to wait till they are dead

6. Why does Will tell the Lady and Tialys that he hasn't said anything to the ghosts about getting them out?
(a) He will need quiet to open a window to the right world
(b) The ghosts might tell the Harpies
(c) In case it doesn't work
(d) The Authority might find out

7. What does Tialys tell Will that they must do?
(a) Give themselves to the Africans
(b) Go to the Church members and plead their case
(c) Go find Lord Asriel
(d) Kill Mrs. Coulter

8. What does Mrs. Coulter's monkey daemon hear?
(a) Zeppelins
(b) Lord Asriel's forces
(c) An approaching army
(d) Trumpets

9. What does one of the harpies scream at Lyra when she begins explaining why they are there?
(a) Liar
(b) Evil
(c) Monster
(d) Eve

10. Who does Lyra tell the people that her and Will are?
(a) Children of Gyptians
(b) Prince and princess
(c) Poor orphans
(d) Dutch and Dutchess

11. What does the church intend to do to prove that Lyra is dead?
(a) Bring back the alethiometer
(b) Have her mummified
(c) Cut of her head
(d) Bring her body back

12. What does Will do to stop the fight between the bears and the towns people?
(a) Forces the people to give the bears fuel
(b) Chalenges the bear's leader to single combat
(c) Uses the knife to sink he bears boat
(d) Opens a window to a different world

13. What does Mary Malone tell the Mulefa that cause them to laugh?
(a) Heeelllllooo
(b) Me friend
(c) Don't shoot
(d) I am human

14. What happens to the fox after he tells the Cliff Ghast about Iorek and Serafina?
(a) He is taken prisoner
(b) He is forced to swear loyalty to the Ghasts
(c) He is killed
(d) He is put under a spell

15. What attacks the Gallivespians when they approach the door?
(a) Death
(b) A demon
(c) A three headed dog
(d) Harpy

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Lady say it will mean if she dies while going with Lyra to the world of the dead?

2. Why does Mrs. Coulter say that she is keeping Lyra drugged?

3. What does King Ogunwe say that Lord Asriel is trying to create?

4. What does Lyra do when the Gallivespians tell her that they will force her to come with them?

5. What do the villagers think that Mrs. Coulter is?

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