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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lyra not want to tell the Gallivespians where they are going?
(a) She wnats to have an advantage over them
(b) She thinks the Gallivespians are hiding something
(c) They have talked of the curse of the land of the dead
(d) She thinks they will tell Lord Asriel

2. What does Tialys tell Will that they must do?
(a) Kill Mrs. Coulter
(b) Give themselves to the Africans
(c) Go find Lord Asriel
(d) Go to the Church members and plead their case

3. What does the Lady say it will mean if she dies while going with Lyra to the world of the dead?
(a) She wasn't afraid to face death
(b) She died doing something important
(c) She welcomed her death
(d) She was following orders

4. Why does Mrs. Coulter tell Ama not to tell anyone that Mrs. Coulter and her daughter are in the cave?
(a) They are on a quest
(b) They need privacy
(c) They have lots of money
(d) The enchanter is looking for her daughter

5. What does the alethiometer tell Lyra to follow in order to find the land of the dead?
(a) Follow the Gallivespians
(b) Follow the knife
(c) Follow the edge of the mountain
(d) Follow the edge of the river

6. What do the Gallivespian's tell Will and Lyra they must do if they want to go off and talk in private?
(a) Leave Pantalaimon behind
(b) Leave the knife behind
(c) Give them the coordinates to where they are goin?
(d) Agree to go to Lord Asriel

7. What does Father Gomez explain is the reason that the Specters don't bother him?
(a) He is being protected by the Authority
(b) His mission is sacred
(c) He carries the symbol of the church
(d) His soul is pure

8. What is the part that Mary Malone had been told to play by her computer before she went through the window to the different world?
(a) The savior
(b) The child
(c) The mother
(d) The serpent

9. What does Will find was left behind when Lyra was taken?
(a) Her blanket
(b) Her food
(c) Her daemon
(d) Alethiometer

10. What have the Chevalier Tialys and the Lady Salmakia brought with them?
(a) A map to find Lyra
(b) A legion of angels
(c) Dragon fly larvae
(d) Information about Father Gomez

11. What does Lyra tell Will she wants to do when they find Roger and Will's father?
(a) Return for Pantalaimon
(b) Run far away from Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter
(c) Go to her homeworld
(d) Set the ghosts free

12. What must Lyra leave on the shore in order to go to the world of the dead?
(a) Alethiometer
(b) Her sack
(c) Pan
(d) Her shoes

13. What is Lord Roke's people's job to do in order to help Lord Asriel?
(a) Kill
(b) Spy
(c) Build weapons
(d) Work magic

14. What does Will do to stop the fight between the bears and the towns people?
(a) Forces the people to give the bears fuel
(b) Chalenges the bear's leader to single combat
(c) Uses the knife to sink he bears boat
(d) Opens a window to a different world

15. What does Atal do when Mary finally returns to the ground?
(a) Gives Mary a flower
(b) Sings a song
(c) Touches Mary with her trunk
(d) Does a dance

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Mrs. Coulter to drop her weapon?

2. What does Mrs. Coulter's monkey daemon hear?

3. When Lyra begins to stir whose name does she say?

4. What does Will discover about the Harpies and their intentions?

5. What do the ghost children say is something that no one ever forgets?

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