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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lyra tell Will she believed Mrs. Coulter was doing with her in the cave?
(a) Healing her
(b) Keeping her safe
(c) Watching over her
(d) Trying to be a mother to her

2. What does Lyra tell Will she wants to do when they find Roger and Will's father?
(a) Set the ghosts free
(b) Run far away from Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter
(c) Return for Pantalaimon
(d) Go to her homeworld

3. What does Magda's death advise Will and Lyra to do?
(a) Keep their deaths far away
(b) Look for their deaths
(c) Invite their deaths to be close
(d) Ask someone else's death for help

4. What change does Tialys note has happened in the Lady?
(a) Her eyes have become dark
(b) She is weak
(c) She is running a fever
(d) She is pale

5. What does King Ogunwe say that Lord Asriel is trying to create?
(a) A dynasty
(b) A united universe
(c) Republic of Heaven
(d) A world of peace

6. What does one of the harpies scream at Lyra when she begins explaining why they are there?
(a) Liar
(b) Monster
(c) Eve
(d) Evil

7. What is Lord Roke's people's job to do in order to help Lord Asriel?
(a) Spy
(b) Kill
(c) Work magic
(d) Build weapons

8. What does Father Gomez explain is the reason that the Specters don't bother him?
(a) His soul is pure
(b) He carries the symbol of the church
(c) His mission is sacred
(d) He is being protected by the Authority

9. What do the children ghosts think when they see the Gallivespian's dragon flies?
(a) They want to be rescued
(b) They are daemons
(c) They are beautiful
(d) They have never seen such creatures

10. What does Lyra and Will tell the Gallivespians that they must do before they go to Lord Asriel?
(a) Find Iorek
(b) Go fix the knife
(c) Make sure Ama is alright
(d) Find Mrs. Coulter

11. Who does Will say he wants to find while he is there?
(a) The Authority
(b) John Parry
(c) A witch
(d) Lee Scorseby

12. What does Lyra find out when she uses the alethiometer to ask about the broken knife?
(a) The angels can fix it
(b) Iorek can fix it
(c) There is another knife
(d) The Ghasts have the ability to fix it

13. What do the villagers think that Mrs. Coulter is?
(a) A witch
(b) A pilgram
(c) A holy woman
(d) A wierdo

14. What is Dr. Mary Malone identified as?
(a) Eve
(b) The Tempter
(c) The key
(d) A witch

15. Who does Lord Asriel have called in after Baruch dies?
(a) Someone to call forth Grumman's spirit
(b) Someone to read an alethiometer
(c) His spies
(d) All of his generals

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Serafina Pekkala looking for in the beginning of chapter three?

2. When Lyra begins to stir whose name does she say?

3. What do the Gallivespians agree to give to Lyra and Will?

4. What does Lady Salmakia find out the Church believes about Lyra?

5. Who does Father Gomez talk to in Cittagazze?

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