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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the people alive in the town where Lyra and Will are tell them that people have with them all the time?
(a) Their deaths
(b) Their waiting papers
(c) Their fears
(d) Their destinys

2. What creature does Atal tell Mary spoke to the first of their kind and showed them how to use the seed pods?
(a) Dragon
(b) Snake
(c) Angel
(d) Bird

3. What does Roger try but fail to do when he sees Lyra?
(a) Kiss her
(b) Embrace her
(c) Shake her hand
(d) Tackle her

4. What does Mary tell Atal that Mary must do?
(a) Travel back into her world
(b) Climb into the tops of the trees
(c) Go into the bird's nesting ground
(d) Cross the river

5. What does Mrs. Coulter's monkey daemon hear?
(a) Trumpets
(b) Zeppelins
(c) Lord Asriel's forces
(d) An approaching army

6. What does Mrs. Coulter tell Ama has happened to her daughter?
(a) She is very ill
(b) She stubbed her toe
(c) She has been put under a spell
(d) She is healing herself

7. What is the response of the Gallivespian spies when they find that Lyra and Will don't intend to wait for Lord Asriel's transport for them?
(a) They accuse Will of Lying
(b) They tell the children that they are risking the world
(c) They accuse the children of working with the Church
(d) They say that Will and Lyra are afraid

8. What does Balthamos suddenly become aware of that causes him emotional pain?
(a) The movement of the church
(b) The rip of the fabric of the worlds
(c) The arrival of Specters
(d) The death of Baruch

9. Where does Father Gomez find himself while following Mary's path?
(a) The elderly couple's home that housed Mary
(b) A river that runs backwards
(c) The window to the Mulefa's world
(d) Amoung the Specters

10. What does the church intend to do to prove that Lyra is dead?
(a) Bring back the alethiometer
(b) Cut of her head
(c) Bring her body back
(d) Have her mummified

11. Who does Will say he wants to find while he is there?
(a) John Parry
(b) A witch
(c) The Authority
(d) Lee Scorseby

12. Who does Lord Asriel have called in after Baruch dies?
(a) All of his generals
(b) Someone to read an alethiometer
(c) Someone to call forth Grumman's spirit
(d) His spies

13. What does Lyra tell Will she wants to do when they find Roger and Will's father?
(a) Set the ghosts free
(b) Go to her homeworld
(c) Run far away from Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter
(d) Return for Pantalaimon

14. What does Lyra find while she is arguing with Tialys?
(a) Will's death
(b) Mrs. Coulter's death
(c) Her death
(d) Roger's death

15. Who does Iorek say that he will side with in the coming war?
(a) The Church
(b) Mrs. Coulter
(c) Lord Asriel
(d) Whoever can offer the bears the best advantage

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the man tell Lyra and Will is the name of the place they have traveled to?

2. What attacks the Gallivespians when they approach the door?

3. Why does Mrs. Coulter say that she is keeping Lyra drugged?

4. Who does Father Gomez talk to in Cittagazze?

5. What does Ama see Mrs. Coulter do to Lyra?

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