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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mary tell Atal that Mary must do?
(a) Cross the river
(b) Travel back into her world
(c) Climb into the tops of the trees
(d) Go into the bird's nesting ground

2. Who is Serafina Pekkala looking for in the beginning of chapter three?
(a) The bear king
(b) Lord Asriel
(c) Grumman
(d) Lee and Hester

3. What does one of the harpies scream at Lyra when she begins explaining why they are there?
(a) Liar
(b) Evil
(c) Eve
(d) Monster

4. What do the villagers think that Mrs. Coulter is?
(a) A witch
(b) A wierdo
(c) A pilgram
(d) A holy woman

5. Who does Lyra tell the people that her and Will are?
(a) Children of Gyptians
(b) Prince and princess
(c) Dutch and Dutchess
(d) Poor orphans

6. What does the man tell Lyra and Will is the name of the place they have traveled to?
(a) A suburb of the world of the dead
(b) Purgatory
(c) Transistion world
(d) The spirit's resting ground

7. What does Mrs. Coulter tell Ama has happened to her daughter?
(a) She has been put under a spell
(b) She is very ill
(c) She is healing herself
(d) She stubbed her toe

8. What does Mary learn that the Mulefa call the Shadows that she is talking about?
(a) Magic
(b) Particles
(c) Sraf
(d) Sprinkles

9. What does Lyra tell Will she wants to do when they find Roger and Will's father?
(a) Return for Pantalaimon
(b) Go to her homeworld
(c) Set the ghosts free
(d) Run far away from Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter

10. What does Father Gomez explain is the reason that the Specters don't bother him?
(a) He is being protected by the Authority
(b) He carries the symbol of the church
(c) His mission is sacred
(d) His soul is pure

11. What do the Gallivespians agree to give to Lyra and Will?
(a) Their poison
(b) Loadstone resonator
(c) Their spurs
(d) Their dragonflies

12. What does the man in the suit tell them they will have to wait on before they continue traveling?
(a) They have to wait till they are dead
(b) Till death has visited the town and approved them
(c) Till they have traveling papers
(d) Till they have been cleansed

13. What causes Mrs. Coulter to drop her weapon?
(a) Someone bit her
(b) She was struck by a stray bullet
(c) Pantalaimon bit her
(d) She was stabbed

14. What will be unique about Lord Asriel's new world that he hopes to create?
(a) No priests or kings
(b) No polution or decay
(c) No governing bodies
(d) No war of famine

15. What does the Lady say it will mean if she dies while going with Lyra to the world of the dead?
(a) She was following orders
(b) She died doing something important
(c) She wasn't afraid to face death
(d) She welcomed her death

Short Answer Questions

1. What effect does Dr. Malone have on the Specters?

2. What does Lyra and Will tell the Gallivespians that they must do before they go to Lord Asriel?

3. What does King Ogunwe say that Lord Asriel is trying to create?

4. What must Lyra leave on the shore in order to go to the world of the dead?

5. What does Tialys tell Will that they must do?

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