The Amber Spyglass Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the scene in which Ama asks Mrs. Coulter if she has an evil spirit with her.

Mrs. Coulter pauses for only a moment. Ama is a young girl and they believe Mrs. Coulter to be a holy woman. Mrs. Coulter tells Ama that it isn't an evil spirit but her daughter that she has with her. Mrs. Coulter is able to move Ama to tears with how much she obviously cares for Lyra. It isn't until Ama is gone that Mrs. Coulter gives Lyra a fresh dose of drugged tea.

2. What do the angels look like to Will?

They are hard to see. Will finds later on in the day light that he can't see them at all. He tells one of the angels to be sure and stay away while he is using the knife because if he can't see the angel he can't avoid cutting him.

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