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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirty-Seven, The Dunes.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mary say is an important animal in the Mulefa's world and is looked after?
(a) Snake
(b) Birds
(c) Dogs
(d) Rats

2. What does Mrs. Coulter see the angels carrying?
(a) The arc of the covenant
(b) A detailed arrangements of battle plans
(c) An extremely old angel
(d) A magic sword

3. What does Mrs. Coulter use to check on Lyra?
(a) Loadstone Resonator
(b) Alethiometer
(c) Gallivespian spy network
(d) Chi sticks

4. What do the people alive in the town where Lyra and Will are tell them that people have with them all the time?
(a) Their destinys
(b) Their deaths
(c) Their fears
(d) Their waiting papers

5. What does the alethiometer tell Lyra to follow in order to find the land of the dead?
(a) Follow the edge of the mountain
(b) Follow the knife
(c) Follow the Gallivespians
(d) Follow the edge of the river

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Father Gomez do when the bird hisses at him?

2. Why does Mrs. Coulter say that she didn't turn her daughter over to the Church?

3. What does Ama see Mrs. Coulter do to Lyra?

4. How does Serafina Pekkala wake Mary Malone?

5. What does Iorek do when he comes upon Lee's body?

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