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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirty-Two, Morning.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Coulter say that she and Lord Asriel should have done?
(a) Ran away when they were young
(b) Married
(c) Never have met
(d) Never had Lyra

2. What does Father Gomez realize about the large birds?
(a) They can carry him and his pack
(b) They are dangerous
(c) They are a little intelligent
(d) They will taste good

3. Who does Lyra tell the people that her and Will are?
(a) Prince and princess
(b) Children of Gyptians
(c) Poor orphans
(d) Dutch and Dutchess

4. What have the Chevalier Tialys and the Lady Salmakia brought with them?
(a) A legion of angels
(b) A map to find Lyra
(c) Information about Father Gomez
(d) Dragon fly larvae

5. What change does Tialys note has happened in the Lady?
(a) She is pale
(b) Her eyes have become dark
(c) She is running a fever
(d) She is weak

Short Answer Questions

1. What must Lyra leave on the shore in order to go to the world of the dead?

2. What happens to Mary while she is swaying on the platform in the tree tops?

3. What does Mary learn that the Mulefa call the Shadows that she is talking about?

4. What is waiting for Lee when he lets himself leave the earth?

5. Who saves Lyra when she begins to fall?

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